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What Atlanta, DC and Philadelphia -area Homeowners Think of Ackerman

At Ackerman Security, we believe that we provide the best home security value you can find. But don't just take our word for it – here's what our satisfied customers have to say.

"I made an appointment for an Ackerman Technician to come out and install a new monitored smoke/fire alarm and also install a cell communication system instead of the system using my land line. Vincent, the technician, exhibited a high level of professionalism, was very knowledgeable, and educated me on the ins and outs of what he was doing. Prior to his visit, I had a preliminary meeting with one of Ackerman's "Security Consultants". She was also very professional and knowledgeable in walking me thru the options that were available. So, the entire experience was very pleasant and I am confident that my system is working exactly the way it is suppose to. Thank You!!"

Review by: Buddy


"A very knowledgeable and professional Company. Although we have not needed to use the system yet in a live demonstration (that is a good thing) just knowing that we are covered gives my family peace of mind. The sales and install techs are very knowledgeable and personable. They were able to answer all our questions and demonstrate the security system to our full satisfaction. We are now having them come back to install smoke detectors and are thinking about getting a camera system installed by Ackerman. My husband even enjoyed talking to John about the pleasures of smoking ribs in the smoker. Thanks John for putting up with my Husband getting off track a few times. We are looking forward to a long term relationship with Ackerman Security!!"

Review by: Pamela


"I am very happy to be with Ackerman Security. They are professional and I feel more secure as their response times are much better than my old company. The company I had previously sabotaged my system when they found that I was going to change security monitoring. Ackerman has provided me with what I consider to be a complete security package at a very good price. Installation was excellent and I learned a lot from the sales and installation representatives. I highly recommend Ackerman if you are looking for the latest in security."

Review by: Roger


"Having owned electronic systems and factory automation software companies for most of my professional career, I inadvertently put JW and Adrian thru the wringer. They passed with zero problems. JW is everything that you would expect in a professional consultative sales person. Patient, knowledgeable, disciplined, and organized. He researched a couple of alternatives, and tirelessly answered all my questions -- and I asked lots of questions. Adrian's installation was absolutely first rate. He was meticulous in his thought process, taking a systems view. And a craftsman with the installation of the sensors and processor. Every detail of the installation appears to be as-specified. Both are very team oriented, and outstanding representatives of your company. Debi and I feel much better, knowing that Ackerman is now watching out for our daughter's safety."

Review by: Frank

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