Bump Key Protection: The Truth Behind Bump Keys

Bump Key Protection TipsLocking the doors and windows in your home is one of the most basic security measures you can take. However, a quick web search of “bump keys” will uncover a lot of unnerving content. Is creating a bump key really this easy? How likely is it that thieves could use lock bumping to burglarize your home? Find out below.

Lock Bumping Facts

It is a good idea to be aware of the different techniques thieves use to gain access to your home, but it is also important to understand how these methods work. When it comes to bump keys and lock bumping, get the facts before jumping into a panic. Here are a few things you should know: 

  • A bump key must match the lock - In order for a bump key to work in a particular lock, it must match the type of lock. In other words, it isn’t possible to make one master bump key that can unlock each and every lock. Instead, in order for a criminal to use the key for lock bumping, it must already fit all the way into the lock. 
  • There are hundreds of types of locks - Because there are hundreds of types of locks from many different manufacturers, thieves would either have to carry around hundreds of bump keys, or already know the type of lock on your home. 
  • Apartment and business complexes are the highest risk – Apartment buildings or business complexes that all use the same type of lock are at an especially increased risk of lock bumping because the thieves would only have to make one key and potentially be able to gain access to all the units.
  • The most common type of forced entry is kicking in the door – While bump keys seem scary because of their potential to leave little or no trace of a picked lock, the most common type of forced entry is still kicking in your door. You can protect your home from this type of attack with an inexpensive upgraded strike plate and longer mounting screws in your doorjamb.

Bump Key Protection

Now that you are aware of the truth behind lock bumping, you can make an informed decision on how much corrective action to take for your home. Here are two items you can purchase and install in your home to increase your bump key protection.

  • High-quality locks – Not all door locks can be unlocked using a bump key. More expensive and higher-quality locks have built-in bump key protection that make them difficult or impossible to bump
  • Home security system – A monitored home security system will protect your family even if a thief is able to gain entry to your home, whether it’s from lock bumping or another method. Homes with security systems are three times less likely to be burglarized.

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