What does it mean to be CSAA Five Diamond & U.L Certified?

What Ackerman's CSAA Five Diamond & U.L. Certification means to you is greater peace of mind.

It means you can rest assured your security emergencies are handled by experienced professionals. It means your home or business is protected 24 hours, every day, personally and without delay, using the most advanced equipment. Our "access restricted" state-of-the-art facility has met or surpassed the stringent standards as determined by Underwriter Laboratories (U.L).

The U.L. Certification Requirements:

  • Physical Facility
    The building housing the central station must meet rigid fire ratings as to building material, fire extinguishing ability and emergency features.
    The building must be secure against intrusion, and include U.L. rated doors, locks, building materials and security systems.
  • Central Station Facility Operations
    Emergency response personnel must be available and "on-site" 24 hours, every day.
    Records tracking standards on equipment maintenance and staffing must be kept.
    Back-up communication methods to public service authorities must be in place.
  • Central Station Equipment Standards
    Alarm receiving equipment must have a redundancy (back-up) in case of equipment failure with 30-second switch over to insure no "down time".
    A generator must be in place that automatically takes over powering of all central station equipment in case of A.C. power failure.
    Central Station must have uninterruptible power supply that insures constant filtered power to equipment and in effect is a fail safe of at least 4 hours back up to generator.
Earning and maintaining the U.L. certification is not an easy, or inexpensive undertaking for a company. Ackerman has chosen to be a U.L. Certified Central Station because it means superior service and greater PEACE OF MIND for our clients. 

The CSAA Five Diamond Certification Requirements:

This Certification testifies that 100% of their central station operators have achieved proficiency and certification by passing the CSAA Central Station On-Line Operator Training Course. These courses cover virtually all phases of central station communications with customer, law enforcement, fire and emergency services communications centers. This critical area of communications is the life-saving link between the residential or business properties and the law enforcement, fire and emergency service in local areas.

There are approximately 2,700 central stations in the United States, which communicate and interact with the law enforcement, fire and emergency services agencies. Of this group, fewer than one hundred central stations have achieved the “Five Diamond Certified” status.

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