Ackerman March Newsletter-Test Your System!

Home Security Tips

Dear Ackerman Family,

Pop Quiz:

  • Did you know that if you have Basic, landline, monitoring and you get rid of your home phone, your alarm system may not be connected? Also, changing your phone provider or upgrading to digital home phone service may require an alarm service visit!
  • Did you know an alarm system’s back-up battery can last up to 13 hours after a power outage?
  • Did you know a “bf” code on your system could mean you’re having communication issues?

For some this may be common knowledge, but we don’t expect our customers to know everything about alarm security and equipment.

For your continued safety we request that every customer calls us at 800-552-1111 to sets their alarm off every month (for more than 60 seconds) to test the system. This is imperative to making sure that your signal is reaching our central station as it should be.

Here’s How:

  • Call us first to put your system in TEST so we don’t dispatch on one of the alarms.
  • Arm your system for AWAY and wait until the agent tells you to set off the first zone, or alarm location. (It will be loud, so warn those around you!)
  • Purposely walk in front of your motion detectors, open your monitored doors and windows and bang pots and pans in front of any glass break detectors you have.
  • The skilled agent will let you know when they receive each zone you set off.
  • If you just want to test the signal strength and speed, press your panic button or use your panic (duress) code while on TEST with the agent.

Though we’d love to call you the same time every month to test the system ourselves, it’s proven much more effective for the homeowner to call when they are ready and in front of the equipment themselves. Confirm the safety of yourself, your business and your loved ones - Call once a month to test your alarm system.

Warmest Regards,

Your Ackerman Security


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