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Dear Ackerman Family,

Ackerman Security was recently featured in RedFin's article Top Experts Answer the Most Urgent Home Security Questions. They asked us: What is the benefit of a security system that automatically calls the police vs. one that does not?

Self-monitoring with a DIY system is a cheaper option, but people often don't take into consideration the cost and frustration that comes when the equipment needs replacement or repair.

Consider these things when comparing traditional vs. DIY systems:

  • Dispatching Laws- Some 911 centers will not respond to burglary or medical alarm signals if they aren't verified from an Authorized Call Center. Dispatching guidelines are becoming stricter across the nation. Read about the new Sandy Springs Ordinance effective June 2019 HERE.
  • Most DIY Systems are not supervised– The alarm system could be disabled by a burglar before breaking into the property.
  • Techs Needed- Unless you're a professional alarm technician, even great equipment will need maintenance and you'll have to pay for a skilled tech to come out. Ackerman includes repair services with many accounts, so you pay little or zero out-of-pocket.
  • System Malfunctions- With several Ackerman panels, you'll receive automatic testing every 30 days. When the signal doesn't come back fast enough, we call you. However, if a DIY system malfunctions, it may not alert you, which could result in false alarms.
  • Missed Alarms- Most people aren't on their phones 24 hours a day. Have you ever gotten a call, text or notification, but didn't answer immediately? You may be too late in responding to an important alarm notification which could lead to significant loss of property or worse.
  • CO Detection- You can't smell this deadly gas! Carbon monoxide can cause unconsciousness and can even be fatal when inhaled over long periods of time or in high concentration levels. In a case where you or a loved one are unconscious, how would you notify the authorities with a self-monitored system?

You can compare traditional security and DIY companies, but the truth is that the coverage is different, the protection is different and therefore, the price will certainly be different. You can read REDFIN's full article HERE.

Warmest Regards,
Your Ackerman Family


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