3 Ways to Secure Your Atlanta Home With ADT Security Services

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A home security system is the best way to protect your home, but which options are right for you and your family?

At first glance, security systems can seem similar — a monitoring service that uses sensors and a connection to keep intruders outside the protective layer — but there’s so much more to the world’s best home security systems, like the ones you will find at Ackerman and ADT.

Security system plans fall into three buckets:

  • The essential components that make up a great security system: monitoring, sensors, and professional installation.
  • Smart devices packed with convenient features such as remote toggling, smart home controls, more ways to customize your system.
  • Complete video surveillance system with cameras inside and/or outside the home that record activity and increase your chance of theft recovery.

Every home will need the essentials to build a fantastic security system, but the rest will depend on your needs. Here’s a breakdown of three security plans, what they can do for your home, and why they can work for your needs.

When building the perfect home security system from the ground up, these are the plans and services to look for in Atlanta, and how you can create the right fortress for you and your family.  Call Ackerman at 800.552.1111 or schedule an instant security quote online.

Secure Plan

Security is the number-one priority in home protection. All the bells and whistles don’t matter if your home and the people inside aren’t safe from intruders. The Secure plan delivers the essentials — and Ackerman’s no-theft written guarantee — to build that virtual fortress around your home.

  • 24/7 alarm monitoring — the foundation of a great home security system is knowing that every day, every hour, your home is protected.
  • Security monitoring equipment — the command center and sensors that protect your doors and windows use the latest technology so that no gets through.
  • Monitored fire, flood and carbon monoxide detection — intruders aren’t the only threat, the Secure plan includes devices that monitor for flooding, fires, and carbon monoxide inside your home.
  • Professional installation — every Ackerman and ADT device is installed by a licensed professional so you know your security system is working properly.


Smart Plan

The Smart plan includes all the protective features of the Secure plan and throws in some incredible tech features to make your home security systems smarter and more convenient. This is one that the gadget junkies are going to love.

  • Remote arm and disarm — leave the house without remembering to set the alarm or want to disarm it from another state so your neighbor can feed the cat? You can arm and disarm remotely from anywhere in the world using your smartphone.
  • Smart home controls — there’s a good chance your home already has a few smart devices like a voice assistant, smart thermostat, or smart lighting. You can control it all from your command center using smart home controls.
  • Customizable alerts, schedules and automations — set it and forget it. Use your command center or smartphone to automate and schedule those smart devices and receive alerts when someone does something like change the thermostat or unlock the front door.


Complete Plan

The ultimate in home security, the Complete plan finalizes your setup with video surveillance to ensure you always have eyes on your home and its surroundings.

  • Security cameras — monitor the inside or outside of your home to make sure there isn’t any suspicious activity happening.
  • Live stream from mobile devices — use your smartphone to check on your camera system from anywhere in the world with remote livestream.
  • Record and save video clips — need to go back and check footage from a certain time? Recorded video clips save to the cloud so that you can review and, if needed, give footage to the police in case of an incident.

When you compare the benefits of these plans, it’s easy to see why so many people go with the complete! Remember that it all starts with the essentials and then you can customize the rest to build the perfect home security system for you.

Which level is right for you? Whether it’s the essential layer of protection or the bells and whistles of smart home control and video surveillance, the professionals at Ackerman can create a plan perfect for your needs. Call Ackerman at 800.552.1111 or schedule an instant security quote online.

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