Only Ackerman believes that everyone deserves to be as safe as possible.
Since before man set foot on the Moon, Ackerman has been known as the Sign of Real Security - for going above and beyond any other security provider in America to help homes and businesses achieve the highest level of safety possible.
Based on this belief, Ackerman has invested in a U.S.-based, best-in-class Security Call Center - one of the very few that is rated 5 Stars by both U.L. and CSAA (the watchdog of the Security Industry).  Thanks to this Call Center's superior design and personnel - Ackerman is the only security company in America with a Guaranteed Response Time.
And - Ackerman Security only charges those we protect the fairest price possible: HALF the cost of the old-school providers - for the same exact security systems, and a much higher level of security monitoring.
For those that need and want real security for their families, homes, and businesses - Ackerman Security stands ready at a moment's notice.