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Commercial Burglar Systems

Commercial Burglar Systems

Ackerman Security offers custom designed burglar systems that give you everything you need to protect you from intruders and burglars – we handle the entire process from consultation with one of our experts through design, implementation and ongoing monitoring.  Damage done by unwelcome perpetrators can cost businesses hundreds to thousands of dollars. An intrusion detection system not only detects these incidents it also defers crime and it can help law enforcement catch the perpetrators faster.  We also offer our business clients cloud-based security services, so that you and your management team can see get real-time alerts sent to your phone for events like your store opening & closing, a security breach at a high value storage area, a perimeter or motion sensor being triggered and much more.

Important burglar and intrusion alarm features to consider:

Important burglar and intrusion alarm features to consider:

  • Perimeter sensors – Stop burglars before they ever get into your business with mounted perimeter sensors and access control systems.
  • Interior and exterior motion sensors – Motion sensors are one the best ways to easily know if there's someone inside your business who shouldn't be.
  • Glass break & shock sensors – Glass break sensors and shock sensors can immediately alert you to a potential problem inside your business.
  • U.L.-Certified alarm systems (including vaults & safes) – Protect your company's valuables with certificates and inspections for all jewelry stores, pawn stores or gun shops.
  • Panic buttons – Strategically place panic buttons throughout your business so employees have a quick and easy way to call for help.
  • Video surveillance – Install video cameras throughout your business so you know what's going on at your company.

Why Choose Ackerman Security

Ackerman Security is privately owned and we have our own UL and 5 Diamond CSAA Certified monitoring station. We have been helping secure property, resources and personnel for businesses since 1967. While technology has changed a lot since then, one thing has remained constant – our commitment to providing you the best business security solutions available.

Gerald P. Becknel

The technician did a great job, and we are very grateful for his professionalism.

Barbara Delay

Very good service. Reliable. We feel safe with Ackerman Security. The service rep that came out to update our system was great!

Protect What Matters Most:

Your Family, Employees, and Assets.