[STUDY] Top 10 Factors That Deter Burglars From Breaking Into Your Home

September 09, 2014

Some burglars look at a home and say, “No way am I going to try and rob that place!”

Do you want make your home to be that place? You can. 

Researchers at The University of North Carolina asked 372 burglars what factors or security measures did they think about when gauging their willingness to burglarize a home.

The researchers separated these factors into “more” (meaning burglars are more concerned about certain factors) and “less” (meaning burglars are less concerned about certain factors.)

We’ll cover all the top 10 “more likely to consider” factors in this article and any steps you can take to put them into action to protect your family. 

#10) Escape route availability

Any criminal is more likely to rob your home if they feel like they can easily escape.
One way to decrease escape route availability is by beefing up the security in your backyard, including locking gates and trimming hedges to reduce places burglars can hide and use for cover on their way out. 

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#9) Visible security sign

Even if you have a security system, you need to let burglars know! Make sure you always have your security sign in an easily visible place, like the front yard. 

Contact us if you need a new Ackerman Security sign.

#8) Proximity to neighbors

Burglars don’t want to be seen. So the closer you are to neighbors, the better. if your neighbors are not close to you, all the more reason your neighborhood should have a Neighborhood Watch program.

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#7) Traffic nearby

More traffic nearby mean more potential witnesses if the burglar breaks in. There’s not much you can do about this now. But if you move somewhere, keep this in mind when considering the safety of your home’s area.

#6) Officer nearby

This one is a no brainer. Almost half of burglars strongly consider how close the police are when deciding to break into a home. 

#5) Car in driveway

A car lets people know that someone is home, which burglars hate. Keep a car in your driveway if you go on vacation.

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#4) Dog inside

If you were wondering if dogs deter burglars, now you know! According to the study, burglars hate dogs.

There are basically two types of dogs that can boost your security:

  • Guard dogs, the big, scarier looking ones that intimidate
  • Alarm dogs, the yappy ones that alert you to someone’s presence around your home

We’re not saying buy a dog for the sake of security, but if you’re thinking about getting a dog that also helps keep your family safe, it’s something to consider.

#3) People inside

The last thing burglar's want is to encounter anyone in your home. They’d rather get your stuff and get out without an incident. That’s why they’re more likely to break in during the day when no one is home. 

If you go on vacation, make sure you get a house sitter to keep your home safe. If you’re just gone for the night, make it look like someone is home (like keeping the TV and lights on).

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#2) Alarm

Security alarms aren’t just there to scare burglars off, they deter burglars from invading your home in the first place.

According to the study, 

“About 60% of the burglars indicated that the presence of an alarm would cause them to seek an alternative target altogether. This was particularly true among the subset of burglars that were more likely to spend time deliberately and carefully planning a burglary.”

#1) Cameras/Surveillance equipment

Burglars don’t want their faces to be seen. Who knew? That’s why a well-placed security camera will scare burglars off. And we have many resources teaching homeowners about security cameras!

Here are a few of them:

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