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Small Business Motion Detectors

Small Business Motion Detectors

Ackerman Security can install motion detectors in your small business to act as the watch dog of your commercial security system.  When intruders are near, the motion detector can turn on flood lights, sound the alarm, and signal your security camera to record what’s happening – even delivering the live feed of the event to the palm of your hand. We provide passive infrared motion detectors (PIR) that detect intruders by sensing motion or body heat in the area it’s protecting – offering you the best technology available for small business motion detectors.  

Motion Detector Features

Motion Detector Features

  • Got a guard dog? We offer pet immunity mode- Prevents false alarms from your pets, up to a certain weight, when they cross the motion detector’s path. 
  • Detection zone- How wide of an area do you want the detector to cover—90, 180, 270, or even 360 degrees? 
  • Detection range- How many feet out do you need the motion detector to detect?
  • Look-down zones- With a look-down mirror, the detector won’t let an intruder slip under its nose.
  • Mounting flexibility- Make sure the detector you buy can be mounted where you need it—wall, corner or even the ceiling.
  • Tamperproof- Prevents an intruder from disabling the alarm relay with a magnet.
  • Sensitivity- Some detectors have a set sensitivity, other can be adjusted to your needs.
  • Wired vs. wireless- Get the reliability of a wired motion detector or the ease of installation and flexibility of a wireless motion detector.

Why Choose Ackerman Security

At Ackerman, our reputation with small businesses is built on trust with the highest degree of organizational integrity. We provide high quality services at the most affordable cost, backed by employees dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction.  We encourage you to look at all options on the market and after you finish your investigative process we are confident you will find Ackerman Security the obvious choice for small business motion detectors installation.  Call us today for a FREE consultation from a commercial automation and security expert.

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