Ackerman February Newsletter- CO Safety

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Dear Ackerman Family,

It is officially cold! And we want you to be safe while using your water heaters, gas furnaces and fireplaces. Any incorrectly installed equipment, damaged appliances, or blocked chimneys can cause excessive Carbon Monoxide Inhalation.

Nicknamed the “silent killer,” CO can be fatal if inhaled over a certain period of time and has no taste, color or odor.  CO, when ingested long enough, restricts the blood stream from carrying oxygen. It can be produced when burning natural gas, oil, wood, gasoline and propane. Do not use grills in enclosed areas to prevent CO poisoning.

The symptoms that victims of this silent killer can experience are common for other conditions and illnesses, so it’s hard to narrow down why a person may be feeling:

nauseated, drowsy, fatigue, confusion, disorientation, flu-like symptoms and/or throbbing headaches.

However, there are steps you can take to create a safe space for yourself and your home or business. Call Ackerman to add a monitored CO detector to your system! An alarm monitored CO detector allows fire fighters to be dispatched to your home for the rescue of anyone inside the property. If you are away on vacation, a monitored CO device will also alert you to stay out of the home until you can have a specialist out to repair the CO leak.

Ackerman doesn’t charge additional monthly service charges to monitor CO devices, so add monitored CO technology in your home. It could save your life. A store bought, self-installed unit, only provides protection when you are awake, and at low levels of CO. And, self-install units will not result in the dispatch of fire fighter rescue efforts. Monitored CO detectors are superior to self-install unit in every facet.

(Please note the only way to cancel the dispatch of emergency services and prevent false alarms would be with your verbal pass code.)

If having an alarm monitored CO detector is not possible at the time, it’s important to have 1 CO detector per every 400 square feet of the property for more immediate detection.

Though home and business owners don't want to consider the worst happening, being prepared is a much better plan than no plan at all. And, the aim of a security system and monitoring company is to prevent loss, not only of material items, but of things that can’t be replaced.


Warmest Regards,

Your Ackerman Security

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