Business Security Systems

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Commercial Security Systems to Stop Theft and Protect Your Company

Business Security for Small and Large Businesses

Protect your business from becoming a target of theft, corporate espionage, and even terrorism. Ackerman's business security systems and services can secure your business, and allow you to operate without worry. We offer video surveillance, security alarm monitoring, access control, and building automation services that have been proven to provide commercial buildings in the Atlanta metro area with the highest quality security at an affordable price.

Video Surveillance

What would a security system be without security cameras? Enhance your large or small business security system with Ackerman's line of cutting-edge video surveillance cameras. We give businesses of all sizes unprecedented flexibility over how they watch, record and even store their video, so they never miss a moment. Would-be criminals will think twice when they see our powerful cloud-based indoor and outdoor cameras installed on the premises. And, if that doesn't work, you will receive real-time security notifications with a video surveillance system from Ackerman.

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New to Business Security?

Ackerman has you covered!

Security Alarm Monitoring

Every second counts during an attempted burglary or break-in. That's why we provide real-time monitoring services as a security solution for our business clients. From the first sign of trouble to the moment we contact the authorities, our agents are ready to act to preserve your company's property and data.

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Burglary Alarm System

Our burglary alarm systems are meant to be heard loud and clear, so if someone is breaking in, the neighbors will know about it. Alarms will sound after being triggered by security sensors like window and door detectors, glass break sensors, and panic buttons. You can also program your business alarm systems to activate lights and cameras and connect them to our 5-diamond certified professional monitoring service. All of this adds up to one of the best business security systems available.

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Carbon Monoxide Detection

Ensure your workers are safe from the threat of carbon monoxide poisoning with carbon monoxide detection.

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Door & Window Sensors

Know when a window or door has been opened from anywhere with door and window sensors. If someone tries to sneak into your office, they will trip one of these sensors, and a breach alert will be sent out.

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Flood Detectors

Limit water damage from floods by having Ackerman Security provide professional installation of flood detectors in key areas of your building.

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Gas Leak Detection

Protect your employees and customers from exposure to toxic and flammable gas with gas leak detection. Sensors can be connected to your alarm system and alert everyone in the building to evacuate the area, if necessary.

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Glass Break Detectors

If a criminal is extra brazen and shatters a window during a break-in, Ackerman's glass break detectors will immediately alert you of the situation.

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Panic Buttons

Panic buttons can be installed in strategic locations of the building and can be activated by someone in the event of an emergency. It's an extra layer of protection for your workforce in the event of a fire, gas leak, or intruder.

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Smoke Alarms

Fire alarms and smoke alarms are a must-have. Whether they're for your home security system or your large and small business security systems. Where there's smoke, there's fire, and the quicker you know about it, the quicker you and your building's occupants can get to safety.

Access Control

Ackerman's Access Control services and equipment give you unmatched control over how you track and restrict employee access across your business's properties.

Credentialed Access

Keep it in the family with these state-of-the-art access control methods that ensure that only employees and trusted personnel come and go:


Mobile Credentials

key fob

Key Fob Readers

Fingerprint Check

Fingerprint Scanners

Card Reader

Proximity Card Readers

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Upgrade Your Business Security with Security Keypads and Access Control Systems

In the event of an emergency, an emergency lockdown system can automatically lock all the building's windows and doors, which will prevent anyone from entering or exiting the building.

Out of town, but need to check on your office? Ackerman's proprietary remote access systems give you the control you need to remote in from just about anywhere!

Another security solution that gives you one more layer of protection. Security keypads can be paired with other access control methods like keycard access or biometrics to make sure that the person that's gaining access to your building belongs there.

Building Automation

The development and integration of automation tools with other security solutions have been kismet. With Ackerman's building automation solutions, you have total control of your properties at your fingertips. Allow visitors and staff into the building or loading docks with smart door locks and smart garage doors. Schedule smart plugs and smart lights to be activated when people are present or triggered by a would-be burglar. And, save on energy and reduce your carbon footprint with smart thermostats that can learn your company's schedule and maximize your indoor climate control.