Your home should be a safe haven from any threat. A home security system includes sensors and detectors to warn of unauthorized entry and guard against internal dangers. Ackerman Security specializes in designing custom home security solutions for your Atlanta, GA area home and the needs of your family. We believe homeowners deserve more than pre-packaged bundles and self-installation. Our experts listen carefully to your needs and help you build the perfect system. This includes installation and ongoing monitoring.

When you and your family need peace of mind, Ackerman Security is ready to help. As part of a complete system sensors and detectors are essential. Installing a security system in Atlanta and the surrounding communities guards your home in case of carbon monoxide build-up, fire, flood, broken windows, and unauthorized entry into your home.

Ackerman’s 5-diamond certified monitoring services are able to alert the authorities the moment an emergency occurs, and you will be notified as well on your cell phone. Your loved ones and property are protected when you entrust Ackerman for your installation and monitoring of home security systems in Atlanta, GA.


Sensors & Detectors From Ackerman Security

Your home is better protected with the latest innovations in technology. Ackerman Security offers a series of sensors and detectors to alert you to the presence of danger including:

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Detecting the volume of carbon monoxide in your home can warn you to leave your home. This deadly gas can go unnoticed. To prevent harm to your health, Ackerman Security will identify the best locations for carbon monoxide detectors.

Door & Window Sensors

As part of your larger security system, door and window sensors detect a change in status. When armed, these sensors alert when a door or window opens. Ackerman’s monitoring will respond immediately so you can take the necessary actions to safeguard your family.

Glass Break Detectors

The sound of glass breaking triggers these detectors. The sound of broken glass emits a distinct frequency that these detectors listen for. This technology is effective even if a window sensor is not triggered. If the specific sound of glass breaking is detected, Ackerman Security monitoring helps prevent intruders and theft.

Flood Detectors

Installing flood detectors in basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and near appliances helps protect your property from water damage. Early detection of leaks and flooding can prevent thousands of dollars in property damage and repair costs.

Motion Detectors

Adding layers to your Ackerman Security system thwarts shrewd intruders. A variety of motion detectors within your home and around the exteriors can alert you to unusual motion. Ackerman’s range of motion detectors available can secure even the most complex spaces in your home.

Smoke Detectors

Every home needs smoke detectors in case of fires. Smoke detectors installed and monitored by Ackerman Security are essential life-saving devices. The high-quality detectors quickly alert you at the first sign of smoke particles so your family can follow your escape plan and authorities can be alerted to your home.

Increase Security with Sensors and Detectors

Installing the finest security products in your home will ensure your property is safe. With the consultation of our experts, Ackerman Security helps to install sensors and detectors in the ideal locations on each level of your home. With decades of experience, our team knows the best locations for sensors so they will be effective at protecting your home.

Benefits of professional installation include:

  • Comprehensive protection of your home
  • Ideal components to suit your home and lifestyle
  • Flawless installation services
  • Perfect location installations for sensors so they are the most effective
  • 24/7 monitoring

Why Choose Ackerman for Sensors and Detectors?

Home security is about peace of mind. When you trust Ackerman with adding security to your home, our consultation process identifies the right equipment to suit your needs. This includes planning the best number and location of sensors and detectors.

With our longstanding reputation as Atlanta’s trusted home security brand, you can depend on our team to provide the highest quality installation and customer service. Since 1967, Ackerman Security has delivered local homeowners with exceptional customer service.

Contact Ackerman Security Today To Improve the Security Of Your Atlanta, GA Home

Ackerman Security provides free in-home consultation to safeguard your entire home. When you contact our team, we provide the latest technology and clear guidance on how to protect your home and family. Contact our team today for prompt and exceptional customer service to install high-quality security equipment in your home.