Be There for Your Business Around the Clock, Even If You’re Not on the Clock

Commercial Security Camera Systems for Small and Large Businesses

A lot can happen at your business when you’re away. But with 24/7 video surveillance, you’ll never miss an important moment. With modern surveillance technology, you can stream live video to your smartphone or store it to watch later. And with both indoor and outdoor cameras available, you’ll always have the full story of what went on, and when.

Expect More From Your Commercial Security Camera Company

Ackerman offers the following video surveillance options:

Video recording

Video recording

Need video recordings from a particular camera, at a specific time? No problem. Video taken from all of your cameras are recorded and uploaded to the cloud throughout the day, so you have immediate access to specific camera feeds and timeframes.

Real-time viewing

Want to check in on your workplace while you’re at home or on a business trip? Surveillance cameras allow you to watch live video from your smartphone or other web-enabled device, so you can rest easy knowing everything, and everyone, is safe and sound.

Indoor camera installations

Whether you’re concerned about employee theft or customer theft (or both), indoor video cameras provide a powerful means of catching thieves in the act. Indoor cameras can be installed with discretion in mind, or conspicuously displayed to reduce crimes of opportunity.

Outdoor camera installations

Protect your business and make a statement to would-be criminals that you’re not an easy target. Outdoor video cameras directed toward main entrances, exits and parking lots can help you identify a thief quickly and stop crimes from occurring in the first place.

How it works

Protecting Your Business with Video Surveillance Is Easy:

1. Schedule your free quote

Call us at (800) 552-1111 or schedule a free quote online. Be sure to request our commercial department if your property is 5,000 sq. feet or larger. During the call we’ll discuss your goals for the new surveillance system and then set up a time to meet for a free consultation (any day except Sunday).

2. Get options and advice

Our experts will arrive on site for a free security consultation. The tech will assess the property for security blind spots and discuss limited-access areas within the facility. From there we can recommend the best cameras or surveillance system for your needs.

3. Install your new system

We'll install your video surveillance cameras on a day that works for your business' schedule, even if it's the day after your on-site consultation. Installation times will vary based on the size of your business property and the number of cameras which need to be installed.

4. Enjoy peace of mind

You'll rest easy knowing your business and its employees are protected by the most advanced video cameras and surveillance equipment in the industry.

Why Choose Ackerman?

Thousands of companies rely on Ackerman Security Systems to protect their business and livelihood from theft, property damage and other threats. That's because Ackerman promises only the highest quality security products and services for our customers, backed by unwavering written guarantees.

We promise to always act fast when emergencies arise. How fast? We promise to alert authorities within 45 seconds or less of an alarm sounding at your business. If we don't, we'll give you a free month of monitoring.

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