When you choose Ackerman's monitoring services, our trained specialists keep an eye on your home 24/7 and alert the authorities as soon as an emergency happens. In the unlikely event that you're burglarized under our monitoring, we'll continue to protect you—by paying you double your loss.*

And that's something no other security company offers: true peace of mind that you'll be protected, no matter what happens.



Your home is unique and the needs of your family are essential. Our home security systems are backed by the finest alarm monitoring services and the convenience of self-monitoring.

Starting at $19.95 a month, our specialists will monitor your home round-the-clock monitoring plans. This means that no matter where you are our eyes are trained on the safety and well-being of your home. Our monitoring service includes:


Our team designs your home security system to dissuade would-be thieves and home invaders from tampering with your home's doors and windows. Just the sight of an Ackerman Security alarm system deters intruders from treading on your property. A series of motion sensors, cameras, smart locks, glass break sensors, and other detection devices alert our monitoring service the moment your security is compromised. Our alarm monitoring services alert you, verify the threat, and alert authorities seamlessly. From broken windows to open doors, in the rare event of a breach, your home and family are safeguarded by our monitoring service. 


Smoke and Fire Alarms

With smoke detectors mounted strategically within your home, our monitoring experts are notified at the first sign of smoke. As the alarm system sounds in your home, our alarm monitoring services quickly confirm the danger of fire and smoke and contact emergency responders. Our exceptional tech support and vast experience help to reduce risk and damage from fires.



CO Detectors

Dangerous levels of gas & carbon monoxide (CO) send thousands of people to emergency rooms every year. Our complete home security system design includes CO monitors that detect rises in these dangerous gases. Inside your home, both the carbon monoxide detectors, central station, and mobile alerts will sound. At our alarm monitoring services, experts notify you and emergency responders.



Home Automation

Ackerman Security understands that home security is more than alarms and emergency response. Home security systems provide peace of mind. For this reason, your home security system integrates dozens of home automation components to add comfort and safety to your home. 



Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

With wireless options, you can mount cameras almost anywhere in your home. Self-monitoring is extremely easy through our smartphone app. You can even communicate with family and guests through two-way communication. Outdoor cameras are ideal for keeping an eye on the side and back doors around your property, while indoor cameras can be helpful for keeping an eye on children, pets, or contractors. 


Doorbell Video Cameras

No matter where you are in your home or the world, video doorbells allow you to greet visitors, package deliveries, or ignore that irritating neighbor.

Flood Sensors

Damaged plumbing including burst pipes, broken drains, and other water sources can quickly damage your property. No matter where your travels take you, Ackerman Security alarm monitoring services help minimize the damage when flood sensors are activated.

Smart Devices

As technology rapidly advances, Ackerman Security leads the way with smart door locks, garage door openers, lighting systems, thermostats, speakers, and more that put more control of your home into your hands. Your smartphone ensures you are never locked out of your home or lost looking for a light switch in the dark late at night.

With Ackerman Security's home monitoring service, our experts can help keep your system running smoothly and warn you of changes. In the case of danger or incidents, we can provide camera footage from video doorbells and cameras to authorities and insurance companies.

Want even more protection? You can add monitoring services for medical emergencies. You are never left unprotected with Ackerman Security alarm monitoring services. From designing and installing a comprehensive system to activating an existing system, Ackerman Security provides exceptional customer service.

How it Works

Requesting alarm monitoring services from Ackerman Security is simple. As a local company founded on providing hands-on expertise, we provide a straightforward path to optimizing your home security, automation, and alarm monitoring.

1. Schedule Your Free Quote

Ackerman Security provides free consultations. When you call or schedule a free quote online, we'll work quickly to meet your needs. With more than 50 years of experience, our team understands protecting your home and family cannot wait.

For new home security system consultations, we quickly set up an in-home consultation on any day (except Sunday) that works for you. Our alarm monitoring options include wireless monitoring, and IP alarm monitoring to best meet the needs of our customers. 

If you need to activate an existing system or transfer alarm monitoring services from another provider, our experts listen to your questions and identify the best strategy. With in-home consultation, you gain complete peace of mind that your home security system and monitoring service is customized to your needs.

2. Get Options and Advice

Alarm monitoring services protect your home remotely. While many brands are happy to let you install your own system from the off-the-shelf package, Ackerman Security is committed to truly securing your home against threats.

During your consultation, our friendly security experts listen to all of your questions. Based on your priorities and goals, your home security pro will fortify weak points so your entire home is protected. We even take time to explain how each device works and which components are best suited to your family.

3. System Installation

With Ackerman Security, you won't purchase your system from one company and rely on sub-contractors to install the devices. We have earned a strong reputation by focusing on true customer service.

Prompt installation of our durable systems is key to your security. Depending on the complexity of your home security system, installation takes 2-4 hours. During this time, our technicians demonstrate how each component operates and guides you through self-monitoring tools including wireless keypads, smartphone apps, and notification settings.

4. Enjoy Peace of Mind

You'll rest easy knowing your home and family are protected by the finest alarm monitoring services in the industry. Ackerman Security has earned the 5-diamond designation for our monitoring services.

This top-level industry recognition is awarded by a third-party based on 5 key commitments:

  1. Commitment to quality criteria standards and random inspections by a nationally recognized testing laboratory.
  2. Commitment to the highest levels of customer service for your home security system and alarm monitoring.
  3. Commitment to continuous education and certification of all central station operators.
  4. Commitment to raising the industry standards.
  5. Commitment to reducing false dispatches.

Set Up Home Security Monitoring at Your Atlanta, GA Area Home - Talk to Ackerman Security Today

Ackerman Security exceeds these commitments with our own level of devotion to Atlanta and surrounding communities. Since 1967, we have designed the finest home security systems and protected our neighbors with uncompromising devotion. Our alarm monitoring services confirm threats, alert the authorities the moment an emergency occurs, and warn you through alarms and notifications to your connected devices.

Your loved ones and property are protected when you entrust Ackerman for your installation and monitoring of home security systems in Atlanta, GA. Contact us today to get started. 




*Certain restrictions apply. No Theft Guarantee applies to Ackerman Approved security systems. Speak to an Ackerman representative for complete details.