Switch Your Home Security System in Georgia

Good News: Switch Security Systems at No Cost!

Want to switch your monitoring but already tied up with another provider? No problem. Ackerman can use your existing security equipment† and switch your monitoring at NO COST. Why switch to Ackerman? There's no fees to switch, you can keep your equipment, and we have lower rates than your current provider! Spend more time with your loved ones and less time with your security system today! †Certain models of equipment are not available for this offer

How we Monitor your Home



  • 5-Diamond certified: The Monitoring Association makes sure that Ackerman's monitoring center has lightning fast response times.
  • Affordable pricing: Starting at just $19.95/month, Ackerman delivers unparalleled security for surprisingly affordable prices.
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Home Automation

Do you want to be able to see who's at your door when you're not there? What about the ability to lock your doors after you've left your house? At Ackerman, we offer any and all kinds of home automation solutions to make your life easier and your home safer.

  • Smarter security: Pair your security system with home automation. Lock doors from your smart phone, see live footage from cameras and more!
  • More savings: Smart thermostats and lighting control can save you hundreds on your utility bills.
  • Smarter living: Control smart appliances, manage thermostat settings and connect to televisions and speakers from an app on your smartphone.
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Video Surveillance

If you're a Woodstock homeowner, you want to know what's happening in and around your home, even when you're not there. That's where Ackerman comes in. For the latest technology installed by a team of experienced pros you can trust, we're the ones to call.

  • Live streaming: Stream camera feeds instantly to your smart device to make sure the home front is safe and sound.
  • Smart sensors technology: Get alerts if movement is detected by one of your surveillance cameras.
  • Indoor or outdoor options: Discreet indoor cameras or weatherproof outdoor cameras–Ackerman Security has it all.
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Customer Story - Switching from ADT

Making your change of security systems simple

The Problem:

Hina had been an ADT customer for years but was looking for a more personalized, local, and economical option for her home security system. With a large family she wanted to be able to make ends meet while ensuring her family felt safe.

The Solution:

Ackerman Security came out to assess Hina's current equipment and features and offered an bundled plan that could use her old systems AND would end up being less expensive than ADT's previous rate. After investigating potential vulnerable spots of her home Ackerman Security also optimized her security systems for both her and her family.

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