Do you want more control over how employees and visitors access your business? With access control, you can improve property and data security, limit your liability and protect employees—all from one simple system.

Ackerman Security provides comprehensive access control systems to maximize the security and safety of your business. With the capability to limit access control methods for specific areas, an entire facility, or regulate access rights based on job role, Ackerman Security designs, installs, and monitors your protected system.

What is Access Control Security?

Commercial Access Control is a security system that regulates and manages access to physical spaces within your commercial or business environment. It provides authorized individuals with convenient and secure entry while restricting access to unauthorized individuals.

There is a wide range of security options to optimize your system. As a leading security expert, our team provides in-depth consultation to provide the best way to reduce security risk and optimize daily operations throughout your facility.


Get notifications based on when employees enter and exit the building or access secure rooms on site.

Our access control technologies deliver immediate and instantaneous transmission of data and information regarding access events and activities. This system provides timely and up-to-date reports on who accessed specific areas, when the access occurred, and any other related details.

The access control software can promptly generate and deliver reports on access attempts, successful entries, denied entries, and any security breaches. Real-time reporting is available from a centralized management interface or a dedicated cloud-based access control platform. A system administrator and authorized personnel can monitor and analyze access patterns, identify anomalies, and take appropriate actions.

Real-time reporting enhances situational awareness to protect sensitive data, equipment, and materials. Ackerman Security access control solutions also enable proactive security measures by providing instant visibility into access events. Quickly responding to potential threats or unauthorized access attempts, eliminates the need to visually monitor all access points.


Immediately lock all access points to your business to prevent a threat from gaining entry into your facility.

Lock-down mode quickly and effectively restricts access and secures your facility. The most common example is automatically triggering electronic access control systems to lock entry into your building. During an emergency or sudden security threat, lock-down mode can lock all doors, disable elevators, deny entry to access control systems, or simply activate access controls.

Like access control, Ackerman Security can customize lock-down to meet your needs. This access control is often employed to mitigate risk in the event of active shooter situations, potential terrorist threats, natural disasters, or other emergencies that pose an immediate risk to the safety and security of people within a facility.


Automatically lock all access doors at a scheduled time. Access past closing time, for instance, requires employees to enter a code or use a keycard.

Access control policies add a layer of security to your facility and peace of mind to tenants and personnel. Scheduled locking at specific times automates access control security without restricting access altogether. Authorized users can gain access to entryways through keypads, key fobs, access cards, and other means. The key benefit of scheduled locking is protecting people within the building as well as property from outside threats and danger.


Lock and unlock any door from your smartphone or smart device. Remote access can be used anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection, whether you’re at home or on the other side of the world.

Access control provides a convenient and helpful way to gain physical access without relying on key fobs or keycards. Remote access also allows contractors, business partners, and other individuals entry to your facility without providing permanent access rights.


Use an app on your smartphone to open doors on the property. Employees can use the same app to gain entry to some areas of the property, but not others.

As smart technology has become commonplace, granting access via apps is a convenient way to manage physical access without requiring personnel to handle additional resources. Just like key fobs and keycards, you can control access to all areas or specific areas within your facility.


Customize the type of access an employee has and the areas of the property they have access to.

Access control management should not impede or slow down daily operations within your business. Ackerman Security offers a broad range of options to customize your access policies. The best access control model goes unnoticed by most users throughout the day.

In the case of credentialed access, only authorized users can access data and physical areas. This discretionary access control allows personnel to move seamlessly throughout their designated work environments. Ackerman Security works with you to manage user credentials so your personnel and property are protected against threats and danger.

Protect Your Business with Access Control From Ackerman Security

The first step to improving your access control systems is to contact Ackerman Security. Our team is eager to talk and examine your needs and provide an easy solution. During the initial call, we'll discuss your goals for your access control system, and then set up a time for a free on-site consultation (any day except Sunday).

No matter how complex or simple your access control security needs are, Ackerman offers exceptional service and hands-on solutions.

1. Schedule your free quote

Call us at (844) 856-2582 or schedule a free quote online. Be sure to request our commercial department if your property is 5,000 sq. feet or larger. There are many types of access control to meet your unique needs. When it comes to access control systems and protecting your business, there is no off-the-shelf solution. You deserve a team that places a priority on your security.

2. Get options and advice

A custom solution for adding access controls throughout your facility is easy with Ackerman Security. Our experts will arrive on-site for a free security consultation equipped with all of the information you need. We’ll perform a full assessment of the property, including a comprehensive review of the building’s entry and exit points, credentialed access areas, separate building spaces for tenants, and more.

Access control experts offer easy-to-understand explanations for designing the best system. As experienced leaders in access control and commercial security, we are able to answer any questions you and your team may have.

3. Install your new system

We'll install your access control system around your schedule, even if it's the day after your on-site consultation. Installation times will vary based on the size of your commercial property along with any credentialed passes (key fobs, access cards, etc.) that need to be created.

There is a wide range of access control models and we always work in the long-term interest of your business.

4. Enjoy peace of mind

You can rest easier knowing that non-credentialed individuals cannot access your employees or your company’s property. And secure areas within your company have an added layer of protection against data and property thefts.

We offer ongoing support including monitoring security systems, access control systems, and managing changes to access rights.

Why Choose Ackerman?

Thousands of companies rely on Ackerman Security Systems to protect their business and livelihood from theft, property damage, and other threats. That's because Ackerman promises only the highest quality security products and services for our customers.

We promise to always act fast when emergencies arise. How fast? We promise to alert authorities within 45 seconds or less of an alarm sounding at your business. If we don't, we'll give you a free month of monitoring.