Next Generation Access Control Systems Customized for Your Business

Commercial Access Control Installation

Do you want more control over how employees and visitors access your business? With access control, you can improve property and data security, limit your liability and protect employees—all from one simple system.

Expect More From Your Access Control Installer

Ackerman offers the following access control security options:

Real-Time Reporting

Real-Time Reporting

Get notifications based on when employees enter and exit the building or access secure rooms on site.

Lock-Down Mode

Immediately lock all access points to your business to prevent a threat from gaining entry into your facility.

Scheduled Locking

Automatically lock all access doors at a scheduled time. Access past closing time, for instance, requires employees to enter a code or use a keycard.

Remote Access

Lock and unlock any door from your smartphone or smart device. Remote access can be used anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection, whether you’re at home or on the other side of the world.

Smart Entry

Use an app on your smartphone to open doors on the property. Employees can use the same app to gain entry to some areas of the property, but not others.

Credentialed Access

Customize the type of access an employee has and the areas of the property they have access to.

How it works

Protecting Your Business with Access Control Is Easy:

1. Schedule your free quote

Call us at (800) 552-1111 or schedule a free quote online. Be sure to request our commercial department if your property is 5,000 sq. feet or larger. During the call we’ll discuss your goals for an access control system, and then set up a time for a free consultation (any day except Sunday).

2. Get options and advice

Our experts will arrive on site for a free security consultation. We’ll perform a full assessment of the property, including a full review of the building’s entry and exit points, credentialed access areas, separate building spaces for tenants, and more.

3. Install your new system

We'll install your access control system around your schedule, even if it's the day after your on-site consultation. Installation times will vary based on the size of your commercial property along with any credentialed passes (key fobs, access cards, etc.) that need to be created.

4. Enjoy peace of mind

You can rest easier knowing that non-credentialed individuals cannot access your employees or your company’s property. And secure areas within your company have an added layer of protection against data and property theft.

Why Choose Ackerman?

Thousands of companies rely on Ackerman Security Systems to protect their business and livelihood from theft, property damage and other threats. That's because Ackerman promises only the highest quality security products and services for our customers, backed by unwavering written guarantees.

We promise to always act fast when emergencies arise. How fast? We promise to alert authorities within 45 seconds or less of an alarm sounding at your business. If we don't, we'll give you a free month of monitoring.

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