Ackerman builds lunch box alarms with Warren T. Jackson Elementary

Press Release

Monday, August 27th Warren T. Jackson Elementary School was taught about security systems by Ackerman Security, a local security company with it's corporate headquarters right in metro-Atlanta. Josh Hulsey, the Assistant Service Manager for Ackerman Atlanta, briefly discussed open and closed circuits and alarm functions to 5th grade classrooms of 40 students or more. After the Q & A, the former security technician tested and helped develop the students' lunch box alarms. 

"The purpose of the alarm project," stated Ms. Dostie, "was to discuss open and closed circuits with visual and audible consequences. We contacted the marketing department at Ackerman and asked if they would be interested in briefly presenting and teaching about alarm systems and they jumped at the idea! Josh was amazing with the kids and their questions!" 

The teachers and staff stated that the Ackerman representatives were a huge help with making the students' security lunch boxes, their science project for the month, relevant and fun!

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