Ackerman Security has been helping clients in the Atlanta metro area keep an eye on their homes and loved ones for decades, and our customers rave about the peace of mind and added protection our home surveillance service provides them. Our indoor security cameras are top-of-the-line high-definition cameras that can give you a crystal clear view of your home, and alert you to any detected movement. Keep an eye on your Alpharetta, GA home at all times with Ackerman’s award-winning indoor security cameras. Read about the benefits below and feel free to give us a call.

Features of Ackerman’s Indoor Security Cameras

If you decide to choose Ackerman for indoor security camera installation in Alpharetta, GA there are a number of significant features you will enjoy. They include:

  • High-Quality Images: We offer indoor security cameras that come with high-quality images. This means that you will never have to struggle to interpret individual pixels. You will receive access to a high-quality video recording, and you can easily see what is going on. This is very important if you need to turn over the footage to the police.
  • Two-Way Audio: You can even use our indoor security cameras to talk to whoever is in the room. For example, if you want to ask someone a question because you are not there, you’ll be able to do exactly that.
  • Phone Notifications: You can even set up your indoor security cameras to send you phone notifications when they detect something. For example, if your camera detects movement when there shouldn’t be any, your phone can alert you.
    These are just a few of the top advantages of going with indoor security cameras from Ackerman. As a legacy home security company that has been on the cutting edge of new technological innovations since the beginning, we would be honored to set you up with some of the top indoor security cameras on the market.

Integrate Cameras With Your Home’s Security Systems

Another major advantage of working with our team is that we can integrate your indoor security cameras with your other home security systems. If your home already utilizes additional smart security products, we can help you tie them all together in one convenient package.

For example, our cameras can integrate with your home automation systems like smart lights. When motion is detected, you can have the lights in your house automatically turn on. If there is something unusual in the room, you want to let whoever is there know that they are being watched. We can make that happen for you.

Ackerman security professionals have a significant amount of expertise in this area, and we can take a look at the other security systems you currently have in place. Then, we can give you an extra degree of control related to your security system, helping to make sure your home is safe. Talk to our team to learn more about how we can integrate all of your home security products together. Or if you’re interested in integrating your cameras with new home automation systems, we can set both up for you easily. It would be our honor to help make sure your indoor security cameras function exactly as you want them to.

How The Installation Process Works

How to get your video surveillance system installed in your Alpharetta, GA home:

1. Schedule Your Free Quote

Call us at (844) 978-8717 or schedule a free quote online. We'll call you to get more information about your video camera or surveillance needs. Then, we'll schedule an in-home consultation on any day (except Sunday) that works for you.

2. Get Options And Advice

We'll send one of our pros over to complete your free in-home consultation. The tech will walk through and assess your home, so they can identify weak points and recommend the best cameras or surveillance system for your needs.

3. Get Your System Installed

We'll install your video cameras/video surveillance system around your schedule, even if it's the day after your in-home consultation. The installation normally takes 2–4 hours.

4. Enjoy Peace Of Mind

You'll rest easy knowing your home and family are protected by the most advanced video cameras and surveillance equipment in the industry.

Why Choose Ackerman for Indoor Camera Installation in Alpharetta, GA?

It's simple. We're the only security company in North America that pays you if you're burglarized.

In the unlikely event that your home is robbed under an armed Ackerman security system, we promise to pay you back double what you lost. We'll pay 100% of your insurance deductible and then pay you that exact same amount—in cash!* Our monitoring services are designed to meet your specific needs and budget, and our expert team is available to help you every step of the way. For a free quote, please call us or fill out our online contact form today.