How to Protect Your Business During Covid-19

How to Protect Your Business During Covid-19

The Covid-19 era presents unprecedented security challenges for business owners. Now more than ever, companies need advice on how to protect their properties while quarantine is in effect.

For businesses looking to protect their properties from being vandalized and looted, a few essential security upgrades should be considered, namely:

  • Installing additional security cameras
  • Securing doors with smarter alarm systems
  • Protecting the property with professional monitoring

We've got a lot to cover, so let's get right to it!

Ackerman Security wants you to know that we're here for you during this time of fear and uncertainty. As an essential emergency service, Ackerman will continue to provide security installations and monitoring for our business customers across the U.S. with the same passion and skill as we always have.

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The current state of business security during quarantine

The effects of quarantine have allowed one "enterprise" to thrive more than most others, and that's crime. According to an article out by ABC News, Durham, NC police departments saw a 40% spike in commercial burglaries.

One local business owner in Nashville, TN, Todd Rossbach, spoke with a local news station about a series of break-ins across businesses in his area. "I believe that the issue is businesses are shut down or working at limited capacity. Giving them [burglars] ample opportunity to break into buildings," he said "Less traffic on the streets so the less they have to get caught."

How to protect your property while quarantine is in effect

With crime on the rise, businesses need to have their properties surveilled and protected at all times. That's where a good security system comes into play.

Some of the most cost-effective solutions for business owners looking to protect their properties during Covid-19 lockdowns include:

Installing one or two additional security cameras:

Many criminals will case a building before breaking into it. The faster you identify that suspicious activity, the faster you can react, either by requesting drive-bys from nearby on duty police officers, or installing additional security such as security screens for windows.

Securing doors and windows with smarter alarms:

Today's alarm systems rely on intelligent sensors that reduce false alarms. In addition, these systems are predominantly cellular, making it much more difficult for burglars to disable them.

Having the property professionally monitored:

Combining your existing cameras and alarm sensors with a professional monitoring solution ensures that when a real break-in occurs, the authorities are alerted to it within seconds. Those precious seconds limit how much damage a criminal can do before police arrive.

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Over 100 years has passed since a pandemic of this magnitude has gripped the U.S., which means companies have little guidance on how to protect their business assets, their employees and their customers.

Ackerman Security is here to help you navigate these murky waters and come out of the Covid-19 era stronger than before. Give our experts a call today at 866.343.1234 for expert advice on the latest security systems, security solutions and Covid-19 developments.