Building a quality business security system is critical to the safety of your personnel, clients, and property, and the success of your daily operations. Business security cameras, specifically outdoor security cameras, are an important piece of your overall security system.

Beyond providing a sense of security, an outdoor security camera can help prevent after-hours threats to your business, such as break-ins.

At Ackerman Security, we understand that choosing between the many types of outdoor cameras can be overwhelming. And sometimes, you’re too busy developing your business to new heights to focus on upgrading old commercial security camera systems to newer models. When you work with our team, we’ll put our knowledge and expertise to work so you can implement top-of-the-line outdoor security systems without disrupting your operations.

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Setup For Your Security Cameras Around Your Business

To see the full scope of outdoor security cameras for your business, you must first know the key differences between outdoor home security cameras and commercial camera systems.

Understanding Commercial Security Cameras

In today’s digital world, cameras are everywhere. However, commercial security cameras have some unique aspects. While they are like traditional cameras in the sense that they record video in order to help monitor activity on your business premises, they can also provide other features to enhance the protection of your business.

Ackerman Security’s commercial security camera offerings include a range of smart devices with high-definition video, accurate motion alerts, and smartphone integration for a streamlined user experience. While outdated camera systems utilize DVRs and recording devices to store video footage, our outdoor business security cameras can now integrate with cloud storage, minimizing the amount of hardware added to your business.

These features are essential to your business as you require clear, quality images to have peace of mind your business is secure. 

Why Do You Need Security Cameras in Your Atlanta Area Business?

There are always things happening in and around your business that you should be aware of, but it’s often hard to keep track of all that is going on. With outdoor cameras, you gain extra insight into what people are planning outside of your business, or if someone flees your business, as they make their escape, outdoor cameras can capture an image of their face so you can send it to law enforcement.

At Ackerman Security, we will help you design and install outdoor cameras that can help reduce threats and provide important evidence on the back end in case an unfortunate event does occur. Our premium security services extend to all manner of commercial properties including retail stores, office buildings, and more.

With our cameras, you don’t have to wait until you open the next day to check on your business. With remote access, you can view your outdoor cameras at any time or get alerts straight to your phone when your system detects motion.

Adapting for Success: Business Environment Security

As threats to your business’ security evolve, so must your mindset toward commercial security systems. Beyond peace of mind, a comprehensive security setup, including outdoor security cameras, can safeguard your business from threats 24/7.

Our team at Ackerman Security offers business security camera system design, installation, and monitoring so you can focus on running your business efficiently. Day and night, after-hours, and during regular operation, our outdoor security cameras can give you insights into the activity around your business and help avoid potential threats.

We’re not just a one-and-done installation provider, we’re a partner in your business’ security. Our security professionals will help keep a watchful eye on your business like it’s our own with 24/7 5-Diamon Professional Monitoring from our award-winning monitoring service. You can also have eyes on your business at any time from anywhere with real-time images and remote access offerings.

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Benefits of Working With Ackerman Security

When you partner with Ackerman Security, you’re getting more than top-notch business security cameras. We’re a comprehensive commercial security provider who will go beyond camera installation to help optimize your business security.

It starts with an in-depth consultation where we’ll inspect your business, analyze any current security systems, and develop a deeper understanding of your security concerns and goals. From the consultation, we’ll design and implement an outdoor security camera system that will meet these needs. Our outdoor security cameras boast an array of high-tech features that set them apart from other models on the market, including:

Night Vision

Your business is most vulnerable when it’s left unattended, which is often at night. To provide comprehensive protection, our outdoor cameras are equipped with night vision so you’ll have a consistently clear image no matter the time of day or night.

Cloud Storage

Gone are the days of stacks of VHS tapes with stored security footage. With our modern business security cameras, your business footage is always available in secure cloud storage. This provides you with easier access to video images and reduces the risk of important footage being lost in case you need evidence of an event in or near your business.

Motion Detection

While our remote access feature brings a great benefit to your peace of mind, no one wants to be constantly opening their phone to check business security cameras. With our motion detection feature, recording will begin as soon as any movement is captured within range of your outdoor camera. Then, a real-time alert is sent directly to your device so you only have to check your cameras when you need to most.

Even with these features, your outdoor security system will only work as well as your security partner. When you choose Ackerman Security, you can rest easy knowing that our installation was performed properly, and your system is under our constant watchful eye. 

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Ready for an unmatched commercial security experience?

The single best way you can protect your business in Atlanta, GA, is by being proactive. Installing commercial outdoor security cameras before theft or emergency impacts your business can help reduce the chance of any such event ever occurring. Ackerman Security is dedicated to the safety and success of your business. With our free consultation, we put you in the driver’s seat of your business’ security.

For more than 50 years, we’ve developed industry-leading solutions to threats against your employees, equipment, and customers with our expert installation and constant monitoring of your business security cameras. Contact Ackerman Security to safeguard your business today.