Securing any business is a top priority. Whether you are protecting personnel, customers, expensive inventory, or the property itself, business owners and operators need to focus on running operations, not your business security system.

For more than 50 years, businesses have entrusted Ackerman Security to design and monitor security systems across our entire community. With cloud-based security cameras, Ackerman Security provides the most advanced video management system yet.

With the technological boom, businesses are moving away from traditional CCTV cameras and DVR systems. Security camera systems require extensive hardware that consumes space within your business and may be prone to wear and failure. With a security camera system recorded to the cloud, you can gain tremendous advantages including saving money, repair costs, and space within your facility.

Ackerman Security can design a comprehensive business security system including a security camera system that blankets the interior and exterior of your Atlanta, GA area business. Our team stays focused on your security so you can maintain a healthy and prosperous business.

Reimagine Security Camera Systems

For businesses of all sizes, cloud security cameras provide clear images in near real-time.

Like any security camera you may already use, our cloud security camera systems provide live images and store footage. Instead of recording video footage on devices within your business, Ackerman's state-of-the-art security system records video onto remote servers.

The result? Unparalleled convenience and increased security!

Defining Cloud-Based Security Cameras

So, what exactly are cloud-based security cameras? Picture your regular security camera but with an internet connection. It’s an IP camera that captures and sends recorded footage to a cloud server, instead of storing it locally.

You are no longer tied to a physical location to access your business's surveillance footage. These security camera systems can be accessed more easily and with a cloud-based security camera, you are better protected against malfunctions and failures.

How Do Cloud Cameras Work?

During planning, installation, and setup, Ackerman Security provides a clear and thorough guide to your system. You can select a range of options and capabilities. A cloud-based security camera functions within your broader system.

So if you experience any issue including burglary alarms, thefts, or any other incident within your business, a cloud-based security camera for businesses provides visual evidence. Once these cameras capture the footage, they transmit the data over the internet to a cloud server.

This means you can access footage remotely through a secure online interface or a mobile app. So, whether you're at home, relaxing out on the town, or even across the country, you can keep an eye on your business.

If you are alerted to an issue at your business you can access your cloud security cameras and quickly take the appropriate action.

Expect More From Your Business Security System

At Ackerman Security, our team of experts believes that all business security systems and security camera systems should fit your needs. We don't sell a one-size-fits-all security system because even after 50 years in the industry, we have never encountered businesses with identical needs.

You deserve a security system that suits your exact needs and provides you with peace of mind. No matter what you choose, Ackerman Security ensures that your security camera system will be installed with the utmost quality and monitored by our award-winning team.

Capabilities of Cloud-Based Security Cameras

Embracing cloud security cameras can deliver some major benefits. As previously mentioned, cloud cameras offer remote access, so you can monitor your business anytime, anywhere, right from your mobile devices.

Then there's the ease of scalability. In conventional security camera systems, you needed additional devices to store footage. This creates more expense and storage demands at your facility. With Ackerman Security IP cameras, you simply add the devices with no extra hardware required!

Finally, cloud storage significantly reduces the risk of losing data, unlike local DVR systems. There is no hardware to replace or upgrade at your facility. With automatic updates and consistent monitoring, your cloud-based security camera system is always up-to-date.

Utilizing Advanced Video Management Systems

What's a cloud-based security camera without a robust video management system? These systems let you manage, review, and analyze your video footage with ease. You can view multiple cameras, even from different business locations, on one screen. Also, they come with customizable real-time alerts, so you never miss an important event.

Cloud-Based IP Cameras Features

You won't need to sacrifice convenience for function. Our cloud-based security camera systems include indoor, outdoor, and night vision features. Our high-quality IP cameras can provide video footage across any area of your business.

Whether you want a security camera system that discreetly monitors your facility or is clearly visible, Ackerman Security has your business covered. All you need is a secure internet connection and our team provides the perfect solution.

Other Key features include:

  • Advanced Video Quality: HD Video and Color Night Vision: Our models offer crystal clear HD video, giving you the sharp image quality you need to clearly identify any suspicious activities. And with color night vision, you can now see more than just black and white silhouettes, even in the dead of night.
  • Motion Detection and Vehicle Detection: Cloud cameras can include advanced features like motion detection, alerting you whenever there's movement in a specified area. But that's not all. Many models now include vehicle detection too, an invaluable feature for businesses like retail parking lots and car dealerships. With these intelligent features, cloud cameras can provide far more effective surveillance than traditional models.

Ensuring Secure and Reliable Connectivity for Cloud-Based Security Cameras for Your Atlanta Business

When you contact Ackerman Security, our process is simple and designed to fit the needs of your business in the Atlanta, GA area. Our consultants will provide a complete review of your facility and provide a complete plan to provide the best cloud-based security for your business.

Like any other purchase, choosing a trusted provider for your cloud security cameras is key. Ackerman Security offers a proven track record, excellent customer support, and strong security measures. Contact our team to provide further insights and plan your system.