Atlanta, GA Burglary Alarms For Businesses

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Protect Your Business with Ackerman Security's Top-Notch Burglary Alarm Systems

Business security systems feature a number of components but none more important than the burglary alarm. Within your complete system, alarm systems notify you if there is an issue at your business. Your alarm must be precise, accurate, and reliable.

At Ackerman Security, our team of highly skilled professionals design, install, maintain, and monitor the finest business security systems. This includes a wide range of equipment including security cameras, motion detectors, glass break sensors, door and windows sensors, and of course, alarms.

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Video Surveillance

Running a successful business isn't just about hitting sales targets or achieving high customer satisfaction levels. As an owner or operator, you have a responsibility to secure your premises, assets, and your personnel. Ackerman Security has been in the business for over 50 years and while components have changed considerably, one stalwart is the security alarm.

A burglar alarm has a number of distinct functions. First, alarm systems can quickly scare off miscreants and near-do wells who tamper with your property. In other words, a burglar alarm can help keep honest people honest. Second, even an experienced thief flinches at an alarm system. The sound of a burglar alarm alerts passersby, neighbors, and authorities of illegal activity.

While there may not be anyone around late at night or in the early morning hours to respond to an alarm, Ackerman Security is always vigilant. Our professional installation is backed by world-class professional monitoring. The moment a sensor trip or motion is detected on your security cameras, our monitoring center steps into action.

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New to Business Security?

Ackerman has you covered!

The Importance of Security Systems in Businesses

For most businesses, there is no question that a security system is essential. Peace of mind knowing that your daily operations are secure and your premises are protected after hours allows you to focus on your work and family. When you work with Ackerman Security you'll never question whether your property is protected.

A security system is like a 24/7 security guard that keeps a watchful eye on your business, providing an essential layer of protection. The investment in a security system for your Atlanta business isn't just about protecting physical assets; it's also about safeguarding your brand's reputation and ensuring business continuity. Your employees and customers are safer and more comfortable in a secure setting.

Making Sure Your Burglary Alarm System Is Complete

Even when you have a security system functioning in your business, there are many questions that can keep you up at night.

Is my security system up to date? Are all the doors and windows covered by motion detectors? How can I know my building is secure if I don't have remote access to my security cameras?

Don't let a gap in your security system lead to loss of merchandise, damage to property, or worse someone being harmed at your business. If you have questions, then contact our team.

One consultation with Ackerman Security will provide answers to all of your questions and ensure your system is up-to-date and functioning properly. Each business has a unique set of security needs and the team at Ackerman carefully surveys your property and takes your issues into consideration when designing your custom business security system.

What Are the Components of a Modern Burglar Alarm System?

At the center of all business security systems is a control panel. These devices verify that all of the components are active and secure. Depending on the size and scope of your system, the control panel can control one area at a time including arming and disarming the system.

Throughout your facility, a series of detectors will protect you against unwanted break-ins. These components include motion sensors that alert to any movement when armed. These are especially effective across rooms and hallways.

Glass break sensors alert at the distinct sound of broken glass. These are effective to monitor areas with a number of windows like showrooms and offices. For windows that open, window sensors are recommended.

One of the most common and familiar devices is door sensors. These should be installed at every entry to your building. You can heighten security also with access control systems. These systems create a log of who is coming and going from a building or a particular room. Even if no alarms go off, you'll still be able to investigate suspicious comings and goings.

In the event that any of the sensors detect motion or a break-in, your burglar alarm will sound instantly. As the security alarm sounds, Ackerman Security will contact local authorities. You are also alerted wirelessly through your mobile devices. No matter where you are in the world, you can know if your burglar alarm has been tripped.

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Selecting the Best Security System for Your Atlanta Area Business

With the final components of an Ackerman Security business security system, you are not simply alerted, you can see into your facility. Business security cameras are key to building the best security for your business.

As soon as your alarm sounds our professional monitoring takes action but you will have visual access to the real-time events at your business. In the rare event burglars attempt a break-in of an Ackerman Security system, high-quality video footage secured in the cloud helps authorities and insurers take the proper actions. Cameras can be installed around the perimeter of your building to monitor activity around entrances or exits, or indoor cameras can give you eyes to see exactly where burglars went and what they took.

Ultimately, choosing the best security system for your business requires building a relationship with a team you can trust. Our professional installation leaves no weaknesses in your system. While other companies may be willing to install a motion detector and place a camera above your front door, Ackerman Security helps you build the system you need not simply for security but also for peace of mind.

Contact Ackerman Security for Burglar Alarm Systems

Whether you are a newly founded business, upgrading your outdated system, or you want to verify your security system is truly protecting your business, trust Ackerman Security. As a local Atlanta, GA company with over half a century of expertise, there's no burglar alarm or security system large or small for Ackerman Security.

Our professional installation and exceptional monitoring center cares for the security of your business. Simply put, you can focus on what you do best with complete business security solutions from Ackerman. Contact us today to see how we can best help protect your business.