What's the Cost of a Security System for a Business?

What's the Cost of a Security System for a Business?

The total cost of a business security system for a small or medium-sized business can be broken down into three price factors:

  • Security hardware: $1,000 to $2,500 on average
  • Installation and activation costs: $300 to $500 on average
  • Alarm monitoring: $40 to $120 on average

That's a grand total of roughly $2,000 in upfront costs, and about $60 or so every month afterward, if you choose to have your business monitored by a professional security company.

Keep in mind though—these are fairly broad price ranges. So to give you a better idea of what the real cost of a security system is for a business, we'll break down these price factors into greater detail in this article.

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Note to our readers: To avoid generalities, this article focuses on small and medium companies looking to secure a single business property.

Price Factor #1: Business Security Hardware

A business could expect to pay anywhere from $1,000 to $10,000 or more for security hardware. The average for a small to medium business with one facility is around $3,000.

Some of the primary hardware components of a business security system include:

  • Video cameras and CCTV systems: A CCTV system may combine surveillance cameras, networking equipment and computer monitors, among other hardware. You could easily pay $600 per camera and hundreds more for the monitors and networking hardware.
  • Access control hardware: Access control hardware may include keypads, access cards, security door locks and even facial recognition cameras. A business should expect to pay between $800 - $1,200 per door they wish to secure access to.
  • Alarm monitoring hardware: Monitoring hardware includes motion detectors, alarm panels, environmental sensors (fire, smoke, CO, water, etc.) cameras, and similar equipment. Many of these items cost between $300 and $600 each, which can quickly add up depending on the size of your facility

Price Factor #2: Installation & Activation Fees

The labor costs associated with wiring and installing a small business security system tends to be around $300 to $700. The average is around $500.

When it comes to installation, there are two factors which will play a significant role in the cost:

  • Facility size: The size of your business property will have the biggest impact on cost. A mom-and-pop retailer may get by with just a camera or two, while a larger business with 100+ employees working with sensitive client data may need substantially more than that.
  • Installation discounts: Security providers will sometimes discount labor costs and installation pricing or even waive it altogether if a new business signs off on a long-term monitoring contract.

Price Factor #3: Business Monitoring

You can expect to pay around $40 to $120 per month on average for a security professional to monitor your business. But that cost may increase depending on:

  • The devices being monitored: You may wish to subscribe to fire and CO monitoring as well as burglary and alarm monitoring. The number of sensors and cameras being monitored will impact your monthly bottom line. An annual fire inspection testing all fire equipment in the building should also be considered.
  • The type of monitoring (landline vs. cellular): A business may choose between landline monitoring or cellular monitoring. Landline monitoring has a lower monthly cost than cellular (GSM) monitoring, but gives burglars an easy way to shut down their security system (by cutting the landline). Landline monitoring runs as low as $19 per month in some cases. GSM monitoring starts at around $29 per month.

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