10 Questions To Ask Before Choosing a Security System Company

10 Questions To Ask Before Choosing a Security System Company

Before you select a home security company, you should ask questions about the company's licensing, services, response times, and more.

Ensuring that your home is safe and secured starts with investing in a strong security system. But the security system you install is only as reliable as the security system company that backs it.

To help you choose a reliable security system company, we'll reveal the questions you should ask (and the answers to look for) as you vet your options.

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Question #1: How Long Has the Company Been in Business?

As with any other product or service, it's helpful if you buy your security system from a company that has been in business for a long time. The longer they've been in business and the more positive reviews they have, the less risk there is that they will disappoint you.

Companies that have been in business for a long time also stand a chance of being around years after your installation if you need assistance with your security system.

Question #2: Is the Company Local?

Ideally, choose a local company vs. a national company. Local companies will send out a security expert to assess your home's security blind spots and will therefore only recommend the security equipment your home truly needs. On the other hand, national companies tend to push you to buy equipment over the phone, suggesting equipment you may not even need.

Local companies also typically have much more accessible customer service teams who are faster to respond if you need their assistance.

Question #3: Is the Company Licensed and Certified?

Always ask for the company's license number. Most states have strict requirements and guidelines that licensed security system companies must follow. Unlicensed companies will inevitably not follow the same guidelines, and likely won't provide the same quality of installation service or security equipment. Without the risk of losing their license, companies who are not certified or licensed have less to lose and won't think twice about leaving you high and dry down the road when you need their assistance.

Question #4: Does the Company Handle Installation In-House?

Ideally, the security system company you choose will have in-house, licensed technicians who will handle the installation of the security system. If they do not, ensure the sales rep who helped design your security system is present to ensure the installation is correct.

Question #5: Does the Company Offer Monitoring?

If a security system company offers monitoring services, it means they can configure your security system so that anytime an alarm is triggered, it doesn't just sound an alarm, it also notifies a trained professional at a monitoring center. From there, the professional will assess the situation and dispatch the authorities within seconds in the event of an emergency.

You will want to choose a company that offers monitoring services. That way, you can ensure that your home and family is protected in the event of emergencies, even if you're not at home when the emergency occurs.

Question #6: What's the Company's Average Response Time?

"Response time" refers to how long a monitoring company takes to assess an emergency then dispatch authorities—the shorter the response time, the better.

Generally speaking, you want a company that has an average response time of fewer than 15 seconds.

Even better, look for a company that offers some kind of guarantee that your home won't be robbed under their security system. For example, Ackerman Security offers a "200% Money Back Guarantee", which stipulates that if your home is robbed under an armed Ackerman Security System, Ackerman will pay you back double what was stolen*.

*Certain restrictions apply. No Theft Guarantee applies to Ackerman Approved security systems. Speak to an Ackerman representative for complete details.

Question #7: Does the Company Provide Warranties on Their Systems?

Security systems are an investment, so make sure that the company installing your security system offers a warranty on the system and equipment. Look for a company that provides some kind of warranty for replacement, repair, or reimbursement. Also, make sure to ask (and get in writing) how long the warranty lasts.

Question #8: Does the Company Require Contracts?

Often, security system companies will require long-term contracts. But some companies also offer month-to-month services. Keep in mind that most times, companies will roll the cost of equipment and installation into smaller monthly payments throughout our contract.

Know your options and make sure that you work with a sales rep who can help you choose the option that works best for you.

Question #9: What Other Out-of-Pocket Expenses Are Required?

Check for hidden fees that the security company might not advertise. Make sure you know everything you will pay for, whether it's an additional one-time, upfront fee you weren't expecting or other fees you'll be charged every month.

Question #10: What Happens if I Move?

Many homeowners will install a security system only to end up moving several years later. In case this happens to you, ask the security system company how they handle this scenario. Specifically, you may want to ask if they allow you to transfer the equipment to your new home? And if so, do they uninstall and reinstall the equipment? You'll also want to know if you can transfer your monitoring services from the old home to the new one.

Keep in mind, you may need more (or possibly less) security equipment to safeguard a new home. Every home has unique security blind spots, which might require that the security company assess your new home.

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