5 Benefits of Using Smart Locks

5 Benefits of Using Smart Locks

With a digital smart lock system installed in your home, you can open your exterior doors with the touch of a button right from your smartphone. For many homeowners, this kind of freedom is exciting. For others, though, it can seem a little frightening. How can you know that your home is truly safe and protected?

If you're wondering whether or not smart locks are a safe option for your Atlanta home, we're here to help. In this blog, we'll go over 5 ways smart locks can provide added layers of security:

  • You can change the entrance code in an instant
  • You can set up custom access codes for specific people
  • You can enable emergency door lock automation
  • You can integrate video surveillance monitoring
  • You can establish a special backup key for your smartphone

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You can change the entrance code in an instant

One of the greatest benefits of a smart lock system is the ability to instantly change the access or entrance code. Rather than waiting around for a locksmith, you can do it directly from your phone.

Why is this important? Well, if you've made multiple copies of your house keys, you may not always know who has access to your home. Moreover, if you've left a hide-a-key somewhere and you discover that its location has been compromised, you risk letting someone into your home who shouldn't be there.

With a smart lock system, you have direct control over all exterior doors leading into your home. Aside from sheer peace of mind, this can help prevent potential break-ins, thefts, and more.

You can set up custom codes for specific people

In addition to being able to change your access codes in an instant, you can set up custom codes for specific people (such as dog walkers, kids, extended family, etc.) who will be entering your home on a regular basis.

With a traditional key lock system, anyone who has a copy of your house key(s) can access your home, and you won't know that they're there unless you're home or they tell you. With a custom smart lock code set up, though, you can see exactly when a specific code was used to grant access to your home.

For example, let's say that a dog walker is scheduled to come to your home every Tuesday at 2 pm. If their access code is "1234," your smartphone app will show a record that code "1234" was used around that time. But if you happen to see the same code used at a time when they're not supposed to be in your home, you'll know it was them who entered, and can inquire about why they were there. In the event you experience a theft, you have proof for remediation.

Emergency door lock automation

We've all forgotten to lock our windows and doors at one point or another. But with a smart lock system, this will be a thing of the past. You can program your doors to lock on a pre-set schedule, enable unlocked doors to lock if motion is detected, and more.

With most traditional security systems, window and door sensors only trigger the alarm if locked. Meaning, if you've forgotten to lock an access point, your alarm system can't catch a break in.

Not with a smart lock system. When integrated with your alarm and/or home security system, you can prevent break-ins before they happen.

Video surveillance monitoring

On top of emergency lock capabilities, a smart lock system can be integrated with your home security system so that you can view video footage of who's outside your door. This way if someone is loitering out front, perhaps attempting to peek into an open window or open the door, you'll be alerted and can see their activity.

If you do experience a break-in or theft, having video footage is a great way to capture evidence. Smart lock video surveillance is also a convenient way of keeping track of when packages get delivered or when your kids get home from school. In addition to having a log of when custom access codes are used, you'll be able to match a face to the code.

Special backup key for your smartphone

Because smart locks are controlled through a smartphone app, many people are concerned about their phones getting hacked or stolen. The good news is that your smart lock system actually has a special access code, or "backup key," that's required to use it. So if your phone is stolen or hacked, the perpetrator won't be able to access your door lock app without the special key.

Granted, your security lessens if you keep a list of your passwords on a note in your phone. But similar to online banking, if you keep a secure password, change it often, and don't share it with anyone, you should be completely safe and protected.

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