How 5G Will Shape Innovation And Security

How 5G Will Shape Innovation And Security

With the long-awaited roll-out of 5G cellular technology, vast improvements in security systems are about to take shape.

Empowered by lightning-fast speeds and significantly reduced lag times, 5G security networks can now offer unprecedented levels of safety for homeowners and businesses.

To date, several key improvements include:

  1. Real-time video surveillance
  2. Enhanced mobile streaming
  3. Backup support for downed Wi-Fi
  4. Greater accessibility in remote areas

In this blog we'll go into detail on these 5G improvements, and how it affects your current security system.

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Real-time video surveillance

Of all the things that 5G will impact, video surveillance is at the top of the list.

With increased connectivity and network speeds, you'll be able to view video surveillance in real-time with almost zero latency — or "lag time," as it's commonly referred to.

For homeowners, this means that in the event of an intruder, your cameras will relay near-instant, live footage. Your alarm system will also respond faster in alerting the authorities.

For commercial operations, real-time video surveillance allows for faster response times in the event of an emergency, which is especially helpful for reducing liability.

Compared to 2G, 3G and even 4G networks, improved camera response times could mean the difference in saving a life, or capturing a laser-sharp frame of the face of your intruder.

Enhanced mobile streaming

These days, more and more homeowners are monitoring their security feeds from the palm of their hand. With 5G, you can stream crystal clear, ultra high definition security footage on your mobile device— without skipping a beat.

Moreover, devices equipped with 5G (be it your phone or tablet) tend to have a longer battery life, as they don't consume as much power. This means you'll gain peace of mind, all the more so in an emergency.

Backup communication for downed Wi-Fi

With a 5G network, even if your Wi-Fi goes down, your security system will still be operating.

Here's how:

When you upgrade to a 5G network, you'll get a 5G router installed. If and when your Wi-Fi network fails, your router will automatically switch over to the wireless network that you're using for your mobile phone. This way you're never without connectivity— and your alarm system and camera monitoring stays intact.

For areas with frequent Wi-Fi connectivity problems, having 5G backup could make all the difference.

Greater accessibility in remote areas

Perhaps one of the greatest improvements that 5G has to offer is availability in remote areas.

With each new generation, 2G, 3G, 4G and so forth, new infrastructure (e.g. cell towers and stations) is being created. This means that home and business owners who previously had no access to dependable cellular networks are now able to replace their outdated landlines with the latest and greatest 5G network!

For homeowners on large acreages or business in remote areas, having a trustworthy 5G network will greatly improve your security needs; Eliminating landline sabotage and increasing your response times.

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