How to Improve Your Backyard Security

How to Improve Your Backyard Security

Home security is a priority for every homeowner, but the backyard requires special consideration. It's often not watched as closely as the front yard, especially since traffic is usually limited in the backyard spaces.

The good news is that there are many things that you can do to boost the security of the backyard area. Below, we'll review why you should:

  • Keep backyard doors and windows locked
  • Trim hedges and landscaping
  • Install exterior motion lights
  • Consider video surveillance
  • Get a home security system

Even if you take just one step on this list, you'll be doing your part to keep your home safe and secure.

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Keep Backyard Doors and Windows Locked

Backyard doors and windows are sometimes left unlocked. These are some of the first places a criminal will try when they want to gain access to the home. Be sure that you always lock doors when you come in from outside. Check the windows and doors at night and before you leave home to ensure they're all secure.

You can enhance the security of these entry points by ensuring that you have good locks on them. Older locks might allow entry using methods like sliding a credit card to pop the door open, but newer locks have security features that can prevent those types of actions.

Trim Hedges and Landscaping

Hedges and other landscaping features add curb appeal to a home. They look nice in the backyard, but they can end up being the perfect places to hide for someone who's trying to illegally enter a home. Instead of giving them that chance, you should keep all landscaping features neatly trimmed.

It's especially important to keep everything trimmed around windows and doors. Those are the hiding spaces where you don't want anyone being able to hide. There's the risk of them breaking into your home, but there's also the risk of them hiding to attack someone.

If you're unable to spend the time necessary to get the landscaping neat and tidy, it's best to hire a company to take care of this job. They can make sure that the landscaping looks nice and that it isn't posing a safety hazard.

Install Exterior Motion Lights

Exterior motion lights can alert you when there's movement in the backyard area. These also alert neighbors to activity, which might be enough to scare off someone who's trying to break in. You can choose from a host of options for these.

There are solar options, which are viable if you don't want to have to worry about running permanent power to motion lights. These are good options for many people because they work even if the power goes out.

There are also battery-operated lights, which are good options for temporary illumination. These can get expensive to continually operate.

Finally, there are hardwired options, which connect to your home's electricity. The bad aspect of these is that they won't work when the power goes out unless you have a backup power source available.

Consider Video Surveillance

Video surveillance can prevent criminal activity if they see the cameras. They can also help to alert you if something is going on in the yard, and you may have a record of what happened if the video is recorded. One positive point about these systems is that they might be able to help you identify the person who broke into your house or did something illegal in your backyard.

You'll have to determine what features are important to you. Security cameras can provide footage in black-and-white or color. Some have night vision. Some only record if there's activity. Others have a panning feature that allows you to see a larger area of the yard.

Get a Home Security System

A home security system is arguably one of the best ways that you can protect the backyard and your home. These systems use a multifaceted approach to keeping your home secure, and all the components work together when you opt to get a complete system for your home.

One of the first things you have to decide is whether you want a fully monitored home security system or not. A fully monitored one means that you have a security company that will alert the police and you when there's something amiss.

Most security systems these days have access to them through a smartphone app. This enables you to watch what's going on at your home even when you're gone. Not only can this help to keep it secure, but it could also provide you with peace of mind about your children or pets when you aren't at home because you can see what they're up to.

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