What to do When Your Security System Is Beeping

What to do When Your Security System Is Beeping

You do everything you can to protect your home and family. But if your security system isn't working correctly, you may not have the same peace of mind.

If your home security system is beeping, it's likely doing so to let you know that something is wrong. There could be a few reasons why it's beeping, including:

  • Dead batteries
  • A loose sensor
  • Loss of power
  • A malfunctioning control panel

Let's take a look at each potential issue and what you can do to stop the beeping and restore your home's security!

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Issue #1: The Batteries Are Dying

Most electronic devices will alert you when the batteries are nearing the end of their life. Your security system is no different. If your control panel is beeping, use a battery tester to check the status of the batteries. You can find a tester at your local hardware store for around $15.

If the batteries are low or dead, be sure to replace them right away. This includes any batteries that may be in the sensors or cameras throughout your home. Without these critical monitors, your security system won't be able to detect the presence of an intruder!

Issue #2: A Sensor Is Loose

If a motion detector, door or window sensor is loose, your alarm panel may beep.

The control panel will identify which sensor is causing the issue. In some systems, the sensor itself will beep if it's not working.

If it's something as simple as a battery, you can replace it to stop the beeping. But if your sensors are hardwired and they happen to be broken, you'll need to call your security company and schedule a repair.

In the meantime, you can adjust your control panel settings to bypass the sensor that's beeping.

Issue #3: You've Lost Power

Some alarm systems are hardwired. That means they are directly connected to the electricity in your home through an outlet or a wire in the wall. If the power is disconnected or your power recently went out, your alarm system may beep to let you know.

To check if the power is connected to your alarm system, try these 3 things:

  • Look to see if the alarm system cable or cord is fully plugged into the outlet
  • Open your home's circuit breaker panel to see if a fuse has tripped
  • Make sure that any power cords or wires are still securely attached to the control panel

You should also know that if your system is hardwired and you lose power, there is likely a backup battery somewhere in the control panel. This will momentarily keep your system operational while the power is being restored. Your security monitoring company will also get a signal that your power is out, and in most cases will call to let you know.

Issue #4: Your Control Panel Is Malfunctioning

If you've checked that you have power, your batteries aren't dying and none of the sensors are loose, it's possible that your control panel is malfunctioning. When this happens, you may need your security system repaired— or possibly even replaced.

Start with a service to ensure your system is operating and communicating properly. It's recommended that you get your alarm system serviced once a year. If your alarm system is connected to police and fire services, twice a year service is recommended to guarantee that emergency help will be on the way if needed.

If your technician recommends replacing your outdated system, it's a great opportunity to upgrade to the latest home security features. Newer systems offer surveillance cameras for inside and outside of your home, WiFi controlled remote access, and even 24-hour professional monitoring services.

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