Have you seen new yard signs or met someone from our newest Prodigy Smart Home team?

No need to worry, they’re with us! Our Prodigy Smart Home team is a new addition to the Ackerman Security brand.

Meet the Prodigy team!

They are resourceful, helpful and knowledgeable of all things security AND Smart Home. If you find that they are knocking on your door, it’s because they’d like to make sure your home is completely covered.

Want to double check if they are with Ackerman? Give us a call to confirm their identity by telling us their ID number on the back of their photo badge.

Protect what matters most

From doorbell cameras to sensors to smart home connectivity, make sure to keep your home up-to-date with the latest in security technology.

Prodigy Smart Home representatives are true experts and we’re glad to have them as a part of the team.

Call 800.862.2257 for any questions you have on this brand new team.

Wishing you safety and peace of mind,

Ackerman Security Family