Homeowners throughout the Atlanta area can look out their windows and enjoy the beauty of the city. Unfortunately, these same windows and your entry doors are the most likely entry points for intruders to your home. With the help of Ackerman Security, you can feel safe against any threats to your property and receive alerts immediately if doors or windows are opened when your system is armed. These sensors will alert you and our monitoring center of changes so you can decide how to respond. Door and window sensors, combined with other home security components, can make your home a safer place.

What are Door and Window Sensors?

Door and window sensors are vital components to protect your home. The sensors are triggered when doors and windows are opened. When properly installed, door and window sensors are highly effective at deterring burglars and other potential threats to your home.

A few of the benefits of installing door and window sensors include:

  • Help prevent unauthorized entry into your home by strangers.
  • Visual deterrents for would-be home invaders.
  • Monitoring who is coming and going from your home.
  • Notify you if a window or door is left open before you leave the home.
  • Alert you quickly through mobile devices.
  • Help reduce your insurance premiums.
  • Provide peace of mind knowing that your home is protected.

Protect Your Home with Door and Window Sensors from Ackerman Security

Our team will help you select the highest quality door and window sensors as part of your complete home security system. At Ackerman Security, we don’t believe home security should come in a pre-packed box. There is no one solution for every home because the needs and concerns of your family are unique.

During a free consultation with one of our security experts, we will help you design the most effective security system for your home. This includes selecting the ideal door and window sensors. High-quality sensors are offered in a number of different designs to suit the needs of your home.

Types of Door and Window Sensors

Wireless Sensors

These sensors offer flexibility for homeowners who need an effective and simple solution. Installing wireless sensors can save time and are easier to mount onto almost any location. If the door or window opens the sensor alerts without the need for extensive wiring.

Wired Sensors

The more traditional option, wired sensors can be installed discreetly. For areas with poor wireless connectivity or high levels of interference, wired sensors can be a more reliable option.

Slim Line

While the visibility of window sensors can help deter would-be thieves, Ackerman Security has options that blend into the design of your home. Slim line sensors, which are incredibly thin, powerful, and are a great security option that isn’t obvious to guests or potential intruders.

Features of Door and Window Sensors

For most homeowners, the security of their homes is a top priority. Ackerman Security offers exceptionally durable sensors and our installation process ensures your system is working properly. Some of the key features of our sensors include:

Entry Detection

Door and window sensors are useful for monitoring unauthorized entry but many families enjoy the convenience of these systems. You can check in on your home through your mobile device. Parents can receive an alert when their children return home from school. A simple alert via text or email lets you know when a sensor is triggered.


Ackerman Security can integrate a comprehensive system that activates cameras or turns on lights when a sensor is triggered. This can help you see what has caused the alert no matter where you are. In the case of unauthorized access, this automation provides police and your insurance company vital information.

Complete Protection

Because of the versatile options offered by Ackerman Security, you won’t have to compromise on the level of security within your home. We have a sensor to fit any door and window so there are no vulnerabilities in your protection.

Better Monitoring for Your Home

Ackerman Security installs high-quality sensors and other home security devices, but our greatest value is 24/7 monitoring of your home. Since 1967, Atlanta area homeowners have trusted our brand with the security of family and property.

We continue to demonstrate our commitment to excellence as a 5-Diamond certified security company. The 5-Diamond program is administered by The Monitoring Association (TMA) verifying our security company meets a rigorous set of criteria, including:

  • Having a state-of-the-art monitoring center
  • Employing highly trained and certified operators
  • Using the latest technology
  • Offering a wide range of security services
  • Maintaining a high level of customer service

Contact Ackerman Security for Door and Window Sensors

Door and window sensors are critical components of any home security system. By placing sensors on your doors and windows, you can receive an early warning if someone tries to enter your home. This can give you enough time to call for help or take action to protect your home and family.

When you contact Ackerman Security we will quickly respond to your needs. We understand that securing your home is important. During a free consultation, we customize the design and settings of the system to fit your specific needs. You will feel in complete control of your home when you contact Ackerman Security. Experience the difference a local security company can make when listening to your home security necessities. Schedule an appointment with Ackerman today.