Ackerman Named One of Top Security Companies in 2018

Ackerman Named One of Top Security Companies in 2018

We're getting closer to our goal of protecting 1 million families! In the annual report of largest security companies in the US, Ackerman Security was ranked No. 14, a step up from No. 16 in 2018. See the complete list in the 2019 SDM Top 100 report of security and alarm system companies.

The SDM 100 report has been published since 1991, evaluating security companies, nation-wide on factors like pricing, competition, market revenue growth and technology. We're very much a David and Goliath story, not too far behind from big companies like ADT.

While you enjoy peace of mind, we're working hard behind the scenes. We're getting better equipment, better service and as always, the best response time. We do it for you. We work hard so that your only worry at night are those scary monsters under your kid's bed. We keep you safe so that you can arrive home to the toasty smell of fresh baked cookies, not a fire. We keep your home guarded so you can let your guard down and relax during summer vacation.

We take pride in our ranking because we're protecting thousands of families in our home state and far beyond. We're so happy to service so many of you right from our home in Norcross, GA. During these summer days, remember to call us with any questions. We're happy to evaluate your system and provide safety tips while you're away from home.

We are proud to count you as 1 of the million in our, Mission 2 Protect 1 Million families and we invite you to share this information with someone you care about, someone who deserves the same peace of mind that your Ackerman Security System gives you.

Warmest Regards,

Your Ackerman Family