4 ways to feel safe when you're home at night

4 ways to feel safe when you're home at night

We normally think that kids are the only ones afraid of the dark. But research has found that around 4 out of 10 adults are afraid of wandering around the house with the lights off.

And many adults don't even like being left home alone, either.

A national survey from Wakefield Research found that nearly 74% of business travelers say their stay-behind spouse has shown concern about being left home alone.

So if you get freaked out by a bump in the night when no one else is around, don't be ashamed. You're not alone.

Here are some tips to get peace of mind when you're home alone at night.

1) Listen to your OCD side

Seeing that your home is locked up tight can help you feel safe at home.
So it helps to be a bit obsessive compulsive when it comes to home security. Otherwise burglars could just waltz into your home. Always check, double check, and triple check that you have:

  • Locked your doors and windows
  • Armed your security system

Want an easy, convenient way of checking your locks and security system? Upgrade your security system to home automation. This empowers you to control your home from your smartphone or web-enabled device. So no matter where you are (like safe under your sheets) you could:

  • Lock your doors
  • Arm your security system
  • Get security notifications if something happens in your home

2) Get friendly with the neighbors

Life is always easier when you've got someone watching your back. Get to know your neighbors so you'll have someone who can check in on you if they spot someone suspicious around your home.

You can go a step farther and start your own Neighborhood Watch Program. According to FBI reports, areas with an active Neighborhood Watch program are 43% less likely to become a target of criminal activity

Here's how to start a neighborhood watch.

3) Have an emergency break-in plan

If a burglar broke into your home, what would you do? If your answer is "panic" then it's no wonder you'd be afraid to be alone at night.

What you need is emergency break-in plan that you've rehearsed beforehand. Having one reassures you that you'll know exactly what to do in the worst-case scenario.

4) Learn how to kick butt

Nothing builds self-confidence like learning self-defense. Go take a self-defense class to learn how to defend yourself from an attacker.

Some community centers offer them for free!