Crime increase in warm weather: What to do

Crime increase in warm weather: What to do

Time and again, statistics show that when the temperature starts rising, so do crime rates. In fact, according to the FBI, burglary increases about 10 percent when the weather is warm, in the summer months, and July and August have the most crime overall.1 One theory for this is that people are more active in warmer weather—even if that means participating in criminal activity. Another theory is that people tend to vacation or stay out later socializing in the summer months, leaving their homes more vulnerable to break-ins. Whatever the reason, keep burglars at bay with these seven easy home security tips.

1. Hire a house or pet sitter - Burglars target empty homes. By having someone you trust on your property, you'll significantly reduce your risk of robbery.

2. Don't leave the windows open - When it's hot out, it may be tempting to open the windows, but don't. Chances are, you'll forget to close them at night, making it that easier for burglars to break in.

3. Get a home security system, and use it! - Homes without security systems are about three times more likely to be broken into than homes with a security system.

"Unfortunately, too many people with a security system don't actually arm it every night," says Art Terrell, Atlanta radio personality. "This one simple step could mean the difference between being robbed and staying protected."

4. Keep the tool shed locked up - Put ladders, garbage cans, tools or anything else that would help an intruder break in your home out of sight in a locked up tool shed or garage.

5. Install security cameras - Contrary to popular belief, most robberies happen in broad daylight, when most people are at work. Installing security cameras may deter crooks who would otherwise quickly break into a home that only has a traditional sound alarm.

6. Install motion-sensor lights - Using sensor-activated lights is a cost-efficient and effective way to scare off intruders.

"It's a good idea to use timers for lights, the TV and other electronics to make it look like any other night when you are actually at home," says Nick B. with Ackerman. "Also, don't close all the blinds or curtains. That may sound strange, but robbers will catch on that you're not home if everything is closed, even in the daytime."

7. Fortify all points of entry - Secure windows with secondary locks. Install "anti-lift" devices on sliding doors and windows to prevent burglars from easily prying glass apart. Install a quality lock and deadbolt on your front and back doors. And lastly, change the security code on your garage door remote. Many remotes come with the same opening code, making it a breeze for burglars to let themselves in.

As warmer weather approaches, make implementing these seven tips a priority to keep your home secure during peak crime season.