5 Ways Home Security Signs Prevent Burglaries

5 Ways Home Security Signs Prevent Burglaries

In Georgia, your chance of falling victim to property crime is 1 in 50. If that statistic scares you, you're not alone!

The good news is that there areways to safeguard against burglaries. In particular, with a home security sign.

Home security signs prevent burglaries by:

  • Showing burglars your home is more secure than others in the neighborhood
  • Warning burglars of an alarm
  • Letting burglars know the the police will be notified if they break in
  • Telling burglars they're on camera
  • Advising burglars you're monitoring the front and back of your home

Note:Fake home security signs should neverbe used to try and prevent burglaries. It's easy for burglars to look up security system signs on the internet and identify yours as fake. Worse, fake home security signs often lead to a false sense of security, which can cause you to leave windows or doors unlocked.

When used in tandem with a home security system, home security signs are a great way to protect your home from theft. Keep reading to learn how.

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Show Burglars Your Home is More Secure than Others in the Neighborhood

According to Alarms.org, homes without a security system are 300% more likely to be burglarized than homes with security systems. This means a burglar is more likely to break into a home without a home security sign.

If a burglar is prowling your neighborhood, make moving past your home an easy decision for them by setting up a home security sign.

Warn Burglars of an Alarm

Most burglars break in when homeowners are away because they want to remain undetected. Home security signs warn burglars an alarm will go off—notifying your entire neighborhood—if they try to enter your home.

For many burglars, this is enough to keep them from breaking into your home. In fact, a study indicated60% of burglars would change their mind if they knew a security system was in place.

Let Burglars Know the Police Will Be Notified if They Break In

Bought a new TV recently? High-end jewelry? A boat or motorcycle? Make sure your belongings are safeguarded with advanced security technology.

Experienced burglars are familiar with the features of security system brands—including which security systems notify the police. Your home security sign shows burglars the police will be on their case in seconds if they enter your home.

Criminals avoid homes with security systems backed by automatic police notification.

A standard home alarm might bring out the neighborhood watch, but a security system that automatically notifies the police adds another level of security. With a sign that shows your home is being monitored 24/7— including instant police notification of break-ins— you can deter criminals in the first place.

Tell Burglars They're on Camera

Home security systems with doorbell cameras are not only a great way to catch porch pirates, they're a simple way to prevent break-ins. Your home security sign deters burglars by showing them if they break in, you'll have an image of their face you can take to the police.

In one study of 86 convicted burglars, all of them said they would knock on the door first before entering. This would allow them to gauge if anyone was around before entering the home. A security sign paired with a doorbell camera would have kept these burglars from knocking and eventually breaking and entering.

Advise Burglars You're Monitoring the Front and Back of Your Home

Many break-ins happen at the front door, but if your back door is more concealed by fencing or shrubbery, burglars may attempt to enter there. Placing a home security sign near the back door as well as the front will advise potential intruders you are monitoring the area, even if it appears concealed.

Of course, simply placing a sign without adding monitoring cameras will not be an effective deterrent for burglars. For tips on how many security cameras to use—and where to install them—check out our blog.

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