What Are Your Home's Weak Points for Burglars?

What Are Your Home's Weak Points for Burglars?

Did you know that 34% of burglars waltz right through the front door?

The U.S. Department of Justicereports 40% of all burglaries involve an unlocked door or window. But protecting your home involves more than just locking up when you go on vacation. Every home has a few weak points that require extra protection.

The areas most susceptible to break-ins in every home are:

  • Front doors
  • Back doors
  • First floor windows
  • Garages
  • Sliding glass doors

Let's talk about how to secure each of these weak points to protect your home from unwanted intruders.

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Front Doors

You might think no burglar would dare to walk right in through your front door, but you'd be wrong—in fact, 34% of burglars enter through the front door.

What makes your front door so susceptible to intruders? To start, that's exactly where onlookers would expect someone to walk in. It looks a little fishy if a stranger is hopping your back fence, but your neighbor probably won't bat an eye at someone unknown walking in through the front. Many homes also have an enclosed front porch which can help conceal burglars as they attempt to enter.

Securing your front door starts by ensuring you always lock it when you're away. Nationwide Insurance reportsa shocking 25% of homeowners don't do this, leaving their homes vulnerable to burglary.

Video doorbells or smart lockscan deter intruders. In one study, 100% of convicted burglars indicated they knocked on the front door before entering. A security camera would give you a clear picture to take to the police if a burglar entered your home. This can also help prevent thieves from stealing packages.

Video doorbells provide real-time footage of activity around your front door.

A security system equipped with an alarm that triggers when your front door is forcibly opened can also help prevent burglaries and minimize their severity, since burglars will be more likely to flee when the alarm sounds instead of spending 10-15 minutes looting through your home.

Finally, home security signs should be placed near your front door if you have a security system in place. If a criminal is choosing a house in your neighborhood to burglarize, they're probably going to gravitate towards homes without an obvious security system.

Back Doors

The back door is another common entry point for burglars, particularly if it is concealed by a fence or shrubbery. Around 1 in 4 break-inshappen through the back door.

Locking the back door, using security cameras, and installing security alarms are great ways to prevent and catch burglars at the back door.It's also a good idea to place a home security sign near the back door to show potential intruders you are aware of and monitoring this weak area.

While locks, cameras, and alarms can help stop unwanted entry in its tracks, the best burglary is the one that doesn't happen. Security signs can help to turn burglars away before they even try to enter, avoiding damage to your doors or windows.

First Floor Windows

Are your home's windows locked right now? If it's tough to be sure, you're not alone—34% of peopleregularly leave their windows unlocked, and 23% of burglars use an open first floor windowas their entry point.

It's important to lock (not just close) your windows, especially during the summer months when they're often opened. Most burglaries take place in the summer, so it's a good idea to make closing and locking your windows each time you leave the house a habit.

Even locked windows can be vulnerable to intruders since they are easy to break and typically locked by a latch. Security sensors, like glass break sensors or contact sensors, can detect when a window is broken or opened. These can be installed by a professional as part of a comprehensive home security system or installed individually.


Neglecting to secure the garage accounts for about 1 in 10 burglaries. Considering it houses one of your most important assets—your car—it's time homeowners started prioritizing this weak area.

Although garage doors are typically secured by a code, many people don't update the code after installation, which gives career criminals an opportunity to guess frequently used manufacturer codes and gain entry to your garage.

For homeowners that do change the code, a common number like a birthday is often used. Since 65% of burglaries are by someone you know, choosing a birthday or anniversary as a security code is a less-than-secure choice.

Even if your garage door code is strong, lock your car doors and the entrance to your house accessible from the garage. Security cameras should also be used inside and outside your garage to monitor for anyone approaching your house or entering from the garage.

Sliding Glass Door

Sliding glass doors are an ideal entry point for burglars because they use latches (not locks), are breakable, and are concealed in your backyard. In fact, they're such a popular break-in point, we've devoted a whole blog to them!

Security cameras and security sensors are essential for homes with sliding glass doors, since they'll alert you if the door is forced open or broken. Additionally, adding a security bar to prevent your glass door from being opened and a sliding door lock can help prevent forced entry.

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