How to Choose a Code for Your Garage Door or Smart Lock

How to Choose a Code for Your Garage Door or Smart Lock

If you've recently installed a keyless garage door or smart lock system, you're probably excited about the increased convenience and security.

However, it's important to choose the right passcode. If you set one that's too easy, you risk letting someone who shouldn't be in your home have access to your most precious belongings. Or worse, your family and loved ones.

To empower success with your new keyless entry, let's start by reviewing:

  • Common passcodes to avoid

Then, let's review best practices for choosing a trustworthy garage or smart door lock passcode:

  • Not forgetting to set up a code
  • Use rhymes, acronyms, or memorable numbers
  • Change the passcode relatively often

With just a few simple tips in mind, you can have peace of mind that all access points to your home are safe and protected.

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Common Passcodes to Avoid

Just like a traditional door lock, the point of a passcode is to keep unwanted visitors out of your home or garage. So if you make it too easy to guess, you've essentially left a hide-a-key in plain sight.

To keep your space safe, here's a list of some common passcodes to avoid:

  • Simple letters and numbers, e.g., "abc123"
    • Easy words to guess, e.g., "Password" or your name
    • Single-digit codes, e.g., "1111" or "2222"
    • Number runs, e.g., "1234" or "5678"
    • Street numbers (especially if it's your current address)
    • Personal information, e.g., birthdays, anniversaries
  • Favorite numbers

Even if you think your information is private, one quick Google or Facebook search could easily pull up your birthday, your kids' birthdays, special anniversaries, and other personal details.

Moreover, simply adding a number to any of the above (e.g., "Password1") isn't recommended either, as it's far too predictable.

Not Forgetting to Set Up a Code

Do you know what's worse than an easy-to-guess passcode? None at all.

Often, homeowners will get excited about their new keyless technology and forget to set up a passcode. Don't do this. It's essentially the same as leaving your doors unlocked or your garage wide open.

At the time of installation, set up a trustworthy passcode straight away. You don't want to risk someone walking by and hitting "enter" on your keypad just to see if you've left them an easy opportunity.

Use Rhymes, Acronyms, or Memorable Numbers

So how do you know what's a trustworthy passcode? One that's easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess.

You can achieve this through a few different means:


Students commonly learn rhymes to recall key facts, dates, ideas, and noteworthy figures. The same method works for anyone looking to remember a password or passcode.

For example, "8352 will always help you pass through." Because the number 2 rhymes with the word "through," you'll have an easier time remembering "how to get through" the door.


A selection of random numbers is one of the most secure passcodes you can choose. To help you remember, we recommend creating an acronym for them. That way, if you ever forget the code, you can simply glance at your phone's dial to see the corresponding numbers.

For example, "Always keep it secure" would be AKIS or 2547.

Memorable Numbers

Although we don't recommend birthdays or anniversaries, memorable numbers make great passcodes.

Examples include:

  • The last four digits of your best friend's phone number
  • The date you saw your favorite band in concert
  • The year of a famous event
  • Etc.

Change the Passcode Relatively Often

Even if you set up the most secure passcode possible, we recommend changing it frequently.

Why? Because too many people will probably know it.

For example, when your kids arrive home from school with their friends, they may type in the passcode without hiding the pin pad. They may even share the passcode to help their friends get into the house more easily.

Who knows, you might have given the code to a number of babysitters or neighbors for the very same reasons. And if they're no longer working for you or living in your neighborhood, do you still want them to have access to your home?

The beauty of keyless garage doors and smart door lock systems is that you can change the code in an instant. So if it's been a while and your passcodes are vulnerable, it'd be wise to update them.

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