What is Geofencing and How Does It Work With Home Security?

What is Geofencing and How Does It Work With Home Security?

When you want to keep your dog in your backyard without installing a costly fence or restricting its freedom with a leash, you use an invisible fence. If you're looking to keep intruders away from your home, you can essentially do the same thing- it all comes down to a new advancement in technology known as geofencing.

Geofencing is a virtual boundary around a specific location that you can control and monitor from your smartphone.

Once you understand what geofencing is and how it works, you'll understand the powerful connection between geofencing and home security. Any home security system will protect your property and loved ones to an extent. But if you're an Atlanta homeowner wanting maximum peace of mind, geofencing takes home security to another level.

In this blog, we'll go over:

  • How geofencing works
  • How geofencing improves home security
  • The benefits of geofencing

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How Geofencing Works

geofenced house illustration

Geofencing controls and protects your security system and other key home appliances.

A geofence is an invisible fence surrounding a specified geographical location.The fence is created by Z-Wave, a technology similar to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that connects smart home apps through one centralized hub or portal. The waves surround a location—like your home—and allow you to set rules that dictate what your smart home does every time you cross the line or "fence."

Here's a quick breakdown:

A geofence is created around your home, sending out those Z-Waves from your smartphone. Think of this as enabling Wi-Fi or Bluetooth so that your phone can connect with your car and other technology. Most systems allow you to determine the size of the fence and how much area around your property it covers.

  • Connect other apps to the geofence.That might mean your home security system, HVAC system, and smart lighting. You can connect many smart applications into your geofencing for greater control away from home.
  • Set rules for the geofence to follow. For instance, you may set the geofence to cover the end of your driveway and then set a rule that the system automatically arms your security system when you cross that boundary (leaving your driveway). You can even allow a smart lock on your door to unlock for you once you return from work automatically. Setting your HVAC system to adjust settings so you save energy while away from home is another good idea.
  • Create an efficient geofencing system. You can work with our professionals in Atlanta, GA, to create a system that meets all of your home security needs. Every home and lifestyle is unique, so you need a system customized to your life.

A smart huballows you to link your home's smart devices and manage them in one place to create a more efficient, simple system. If you understand how that works, you have a basic understanding of how geofencing can be used for Georgia property owners.

How Geofencing Improves Home Security

Geofencing automates home security, so you don't have to remember everything.

If you've ever found yourself sitting in traffic on the way to work and wondering if you set your alarm on the way out the door, you know how easy it is to forget the simplest things. Arming the security system is just onemore thing to remember before leaving the house.

When you embrace geofencing, you automate home security. You can allow your home security system to arm itself with precise timing. When you implement the right lights and cameras into the system, you can also get a real-time visual check on all areas of your property whenever needed.

Ultimately, geofencing makes your home safer and your mind calmer. There's tremendous peace of mind when you can watch your daughter come home from school while you're at work or check up on the new nanny between meetings. There's simply less to remember and do when you have a geofencing security system at home.

Benefits of Geofencing

The peace of mind that comes with geofencing and home security aside, what are the other benefits of geofencing? We want to mention just two more before releasing you to consider upgrading your home with this smart technology soon.


Geofencing allows you to automate a long list of home functions.We've already talked about adjusting your HVAC settings so that you save energy without coming home to a home that is excessively hot or cold. But what about turning your lights off through your smartphone if you leave them on in the morning?

Imagine disarming your security system to let the dog walker into your home while walking through a shopping mall or enjoying ice cream with your family. Any component of your home that is connected to a smart app can probably connect to a geofence for completehome automation.

Energy Savings

Without smart home technology like geofencing, the state you leave your home in is what you will likely find when you return. If you leave a light on, it will stay on unless you can return home to flip it off. If your air conditioning is set to your comfort while at home, then it will continue cooling your home even when no one is there to enjoy the cold air.

Geofencing allows you to save energy and cut your electric bill. You can put your home on a schedule or just correct little things like lights left on. If your teenager always leaves his bedroom light on before going to school, you can turn it off from work. Those scenarios become everyday conveniences with a geofence installed.

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