Do You Need a Security System if you Rent?

Do You Need a Security System if you Rent?

Security systems are essential to a renter's safety and peace of mind.

Property ownership doesn't matter when it comes to a break-in, fire, or other tragedy. Renters need security systems just as much as homeowners, and it's in your best interest to protect your property, belongings, and life in any way possible.

Investing in ahigh-quality security systemis the best form of protection. It serves as a deterrent for criminals with bad intentions and delivers excellent peace of mind for everyone who calls the property home.

In this blog, we will look at the home security products that serve our Atlanta customers well when renting property, including:

  • Exterior video surveillance
  • Indoor video cameras
  • Window and door sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • 24/7 monitoring

We're proud to serve as Atlanta's most trusted security company. Our customers count on us to do more than just protect their property. They're accustomed to professional and courteous advice in addition to the best technology available in the industry and our "no theft guarantee."

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Exterior Video Surveillance

Exterior video surveillance ensures you capture everything that happens around your home in real-time. If you aren't home and a concerning event occurs, you can review camera footage and even use it as evidence. In many cases, just noticing the presence of an exterior surveillance system is enough to send criminals looking for another home to target.

Whether you rent or own your home, weak points leave you vulnerable to break-ins and other crimes. You can strengthen those points by changing the locks and perhaps upgrading to a tougher door, but renters can't always make those decisions. Adding a doorbell camera or other top-quality surveillance cameras will give you peace of mind that those areas are well guarded.

Indoor Video Cameras

Indoor video cameras allow renters to keep an eye on their loved ones and belongings.

An indoor video camera system is a way always to keep an eye on the inside of your home. You will have real-time footage of anything happening at the moment with the ability to look back to see events that unfolded in the past.

Like homeowners, you may want indoor cameras to watch school-age children returning home while you're at work or to keep an eye on a nanny or babysitter with a younger child. Modern camera systems allow you to communicate in real-time with people inside your home, ensuring everyone's safety, comfort, and peace of mind.

Window and Door Sensors

When armed, security sensors will alert you whenever a door or window is opened. A professional home security company like Ackerman can quickly install sensors throughout your home. They're easy to remove when you leave the rental and are one of the least obvious ways to add a security system to any property.

Many parents feel more secure when the windows in their child's bedroom are fitted with security sensors. You may also want to protect a back, side, or garage door that is often cloaked in darkness due to limited outdoor lighting. Burglars love dark areas that aren't within an easy view of neighbors or the street. Those are the areas that need the most protection.

If you want to keep your Atlanta home security system simple and affordable, sensors are something to consider. They offer some protection alone and are most effective when combined with motion sensors and cameras.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors activate when motion is sensed near your property.

Motion sensors work alongside exterior surveillance systems to capture anything happening near your home. You may install outdoor lighting that stays off if everything is calm around your home. Once motion is detected within a given radius of the camera, the lights activate, and the camera starts recording.

If someone tries to break into your property, they will know that you have a security system when the lights flash on. They may even see the camera and decide they don't want to star in the show, moving to another less secure home.

Motion sensors can save you money over lighting systems that stay on all night. Motion sensors allow your outdoor lighting to shut off when it's not needed. You will benefit from the automatic lights when you move around your own property at night.

24/7 Monitoring

Many home security systems provide protection when it is needed. For instance, a doorbell camera may only activate and record when someone steps on your porch. Motion sensors stay inactive until motion is detected. Many of these home security systems act as deterrents and provide video footage to show what happened after an event. If someone does decide to break into your home or steal your property outdoors, they don't alert authorities in real-time.

That's why many Atlanta, GA, renters and homeowners opt for around-the-clock live monitoring. Not only will you have someone to alert authorities if a criminal violates your property, but you'll have 24/7 protection against home fires. Prestigious Atlanta security professionals like Ackerman can also guard your home for medical emergencies and water damage, so your monitoring system is customizable.

If you already have some security features on your property but want more peace of mind, perhaps it'stime to upgradeto complete monitoring by trusted professionals. With more than 50 years of experience and a dedication to keeping the Atlanta area safe, Ackerman is the most trusted home security system in Georgia. We offer state-of-the-art equipment and only work with highly trained, experienced security technicians.

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