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What To Do if You’re Locked Out of the House?

Coming home and realizing that you're locked out of the house can make anyone's heart drop. It seems like this always happens when something urgent is going on, such as a child needing to use the bathroom or torrential rainfall. If you find yourself in this position, take a deep breath and think carefully.

Also, you shouldn't call emergency services or 911 unless being locked out is an actual emergency. The police and fire department can't help you to gain access to your home unless there's a fire or some other obvious emergency going on in the house.

That said, there are several ways you can either address the problem or prevent it from happening in the future:

  • Check for a hide-a-key
  • Call a household member
  • Call a locksmith
  • Invest in a smart door lock system

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Check for a Hide-a-Key

Some homeowners hide a key somewhere in case they get locked out. You shouldn't do this in an obvious spot because criminals could know where the key is located and free entry into your home.

There are many products available that can help you to hide a key outside of your home. You must think about what won't look out of place at your house. Some options are actually hidden items, such as faux rocks, but others are a bit more sophisticated. Ideally, the option you choose will have some sort of combination on it so people who don't know it won't be able to access the key.

Some people have a small, locked box in which they can keep a key. These usually have a number keypad on them that's similar to a real estate lock box, so you'll need to know the combination to open the locked box. Typically, these are bolted onto something that can't be removed, such as a garage wall. Some are placed on the doorknob, but this might not be ideal for the front door of a home.

Call a Household Member

Giving someone else a copy of the house key is always a good idea, so you can contact them if you get locked out. This person can also check on your house if you're out of town. The person can live with you, but it's often necessary to give a neighbor or nearby family member a copy, even if it's just for an emergency.

Be sure you trust the person whom you give the key. Not only should they be trustworthy, but they should be responsible. It would be pretty bad to call them to help you get into your home only to find out that they lost their copy of your key.

Call a Locksmith

A locksmith is another option for helping you get into your home if you're locked out. Depending on the time of day and the day you're locked out, you may have to pay for a rushed or after-hours service call. These are typically more expensive than the service provided during the locksmith's regular hours. It may also take longer for the locksmith to get to your location after hours than what it would take them if they're already at their office.

When you move into a new home, you'll likely need to have the house re-keyed. This is your chance to establish yourself as a client of a local locksmith. It could make getting into your home easier with their help if you're already an established client.

One important point to remember about contacting a locksmith is that they will need to see photo identification to see if you're the homeowner. For this reason, it's best to have your correct address listed on your driver's license. They may accept a copy of a utility bill that's in your name if your address hasn't been updated on your driver's license yet.

Invest in a Smart Door Lock System

A woman's hand holding her smart phone with door lock app displayed.

Another option that you have won't help you if you're currently locked out of your home, but it can prevent it from happening in the future. Instead of traditional door locks, you can invest in a smart door lock system. These use a keypad to enter the code that you set for the door. You'll always be able to get into your home as long as you can remember the code.

There are also some app-based locks that you can use for your home. These use Bluetooth to lock and unlock the door through your smartphone. They also have a backup system that utilizes a code just in case you don't have your phone handy.

A word of caution on these: If you use an app-based lock, be sure that your home address isn't easily accessible on your smartphone. If you lose your phone or it gets stolen, a thief could enter your home using the app-based unlock feature unless you're able to disable the feature or remove your phone from the list of trusted devices for the lock.

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