4th of July Safety Tips for the Family

4th of July Safety Tips for the Family

Enjoy a safe and fun Independence Day.

4th of July festivities are perfect for family bonding. Whether you stay home to enjoy a backyard BBQ or head out to see some fireworks, it's important to keep some basic safety tips in mind:

  • Never leave sparklers with unattended children
  • Wear earplugs during firework shows
  • Keep windows and doors locked
  • Be mindful of pet safety

For added security, you might also:

  • Consider video surveillance

At Ackerman, we plan to join the Atlanta 4th of July fun. Let's celebrate our independence with a bang while keeping our children, pets, and other loved ones safe and secure.

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Never Leave Sparklers Around Unattended Children

Use sparklers carefully, especially around kids.

Sparklers are one of the best parts of 4th of July, especially if you have kids. They may also seem harmless because they don't suddenly explode, soar into the sky, or make loud noises.

That said, sparkler safety is crucial. Many parents don't realize that those little sparkling wands heat up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. Children are vulnerable to dropping a sparkler and suffering burns on their arms or legs. Kids may also touch one another with the sparklers as they run around, twirl, and have fun. Those burns can range from mild to severe, and they may leave you in the emergency room instead of watching the fireworks.

So, to avoid these potential life-threatening dangers, never leave children unattended when enjoying sparklers. Furthermore, you might explain to your kids the possible dangers of sparklers while stressing that it's okay to have fun as long as everyone uses caution and plays safely.

At Ackerman Security, we keep Atlanta families safe all year-round with 24/7 fire monitoring and home security systems. Should a fire break out in your home, our security professionals will alert the police on your behalf. To learn more, give us a call at (800) 552-1111 today. Monitoring starts at just $19.95 per month.

Wear Earplugs During Firework Shows

Atlanta is home to some spectacular fireworks displays. From public gatherings to private events, thousands of residents enjoy shows each year in celebration of our country's independence.

To protect your ears from loud booms, consider bringing a pair of earplugs for each member of your family. You may not think the noises are too intense, but fireworks can cause ear ringing and other problems for those with hearing sensitivities. Young children are especially vulnerable, but even adults may suffer from hearing problems.

And while you're off enjoying the fireworks shows, don't forget to…

Keep Windows and Doors Locked

Criminals take advantage of holidays, and 4th of July is no exception. Even if you're just stepping out for fifteen or thirty minutes, always keep your windows and doors locked.

For example, your neighbor might have some juicy burgers, brats, and steaks on the grill. You decide to head over with the little ones, who are running through the grass playing tag, or perhaps lighting up some of those sparklers.

Now imagine heading back home to find out that your precious belongings have been rifled through— or worse, stolen. The living room television is gone, drawers are pulled out with your personal items thrown everywhere. Then you notice the back door wide open. You realize instantly that you didn't lock it!

Scenarios like this may seem unreal, but they happen throughout the Atlanta metro area every year. Your best defense is a home security system from Ackerman. Locking your doors will make it harder for criminals to intrude on your home, but you still need around-the-clock monitoring to ensure authorities are alerted quickly if a break-in or another emergency does occur.

Be Mindful of Pets

Pets are vulnerable to 4th of July fireworks.

We've all heard about pets getting scared, or suffering from anxiety, due to the loud boom of fireworks. But there are other 4th of July safety tips for pets to keep in mind:

  • Alcohol Poisoning - Don't leave alcoholic beverages within reach of pets. Curious dogs are often attracted to these drinks, especially if they smell and taste sweet. If they're in reach of your dog, they're likely in reach of your children, too.
  • Confinement & Control - Dogs can bolt suddenly when frightened, even if they've never run away before. Many pets go missing in the midst of 4th of July celebrations, so leashes, fences, and home containment are necessary.
  • Stranger Danger - You may think your dog is great with people and other animals, but they are sometimes unpredictable when surrounded by crowds and loud noises. Dogs can get protective, so it's important to keep them away from strangers and remain cautious if children want to pet them.
  • Fireworks & Supplies - Watch your matches, coals for the grill, lighter fluid, and anything else that could harm a pet. These are items to keep away from kids and four-legged companions.

Consider Video Surveillance

As we mentioned above, holidays run rife with criminal activity. So to enjoy your family's 4th of July celebration without worry, consider installing video cameras with remote monitoring through your smartphone.

Whether you're standing at the grill in your backyard, sitting at the local pool, or vacationing on the other side of the country, you can check on your home's safety with the touch of a button. At Ackerman Security, our video surveillance packages allow you to view real-time and recorded footage right through your phone. We'll also send you alerts if suspicious activity is detected.

Best of all, Ackerman is the only company in North America that offers a 200% money-back, "no-theft" guarantee. Should an unlikely burglary happen, we'll pay your insurance deductible fee PLUS the same amount— in cash. How's that for peace of mind?

Keep Your Family Protected this 4th of July, and for Years to Come.

At Ackerman Security, we free up families to enjoy the holidays year-round with complete peace of mind. For protection against home invasions, robberies, property damage, and fire emergencies, give us a call at (800) 552-1111 today. Our security experts will review our state-of-the-art security systems, video surveillance packages, and 24/7 monitoring services. Then, we'll guide you to the best options for your family's needs and budget.

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