Self-Defense for Women: Preventing Potential Assault

Self-Defense for Women: Preventing Potential Assault

Around the globe, it's estimated that 736 million women have been subjected to physical or sexual assault or violence during their lifetime. That's nearly 1 in every 3 women, according to UN Women.

Women may find themselves at risk of being assaulted, including right in their own homes. When this happens, it is devastating, creating long-term emotional and mental health damage. It can strip a woman of the ability to feel safe and confident.

While there may be no way to eliminate the risk, women can take steps to prevent potential assault. Should it occur, there are numerous ways you can be ready to manage the situation in the best way possible.

How can you prevent potential assault? Here are 4 steps you should take:

  • Understand why prevention is the best protection
  • Take part in self-defense classes and programs
  • Protect yourself with whistles and personal alarms
  • Take advantage of the benefits of a home security system

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Understand Why Prevention Is the Best Protection

Preventing potential assault is one of women's most effective tools in these situations. There is no way to eliminate the risks, but when you take a few steps toward prevention, you may be able to protect yourself from having to deal with the onset of assault.

In short, having a home security system or avoiding being alone in a high-risk area helps you to potentially reduce the risk that you'll come in contact with someone that wants to hurt you. For example, some people may see less chance of someone trying to break into their home if they have prominently displayed their home security system. A person planning to cause harm may look for an easier target instead of attacking you.

Prevention also helps minimize the emotional toll this type of event can have on you. Even if you have the tools and resources to react to protect yourself should it occur, it's far better not to be the victim at all.

Take Part in Self-Defense Classes and Programs

One of the best ways women can work to protect themselves is by having the skills necessary to push off an attacker. Self-defense for women is an essential tool. It allows you to react instinctively, not just protectively, to fight off someone that wants to harm you.

Consider what may happen if you walk home late at night and someone jumps out in front of you. If you've taken a few self-defense for women courses, you'll know how to react at that moment to flee or fight, which could help save your life and prevent an assault from occurring.

Look for self-defense programs explicitly designed for women. Consider taking a few with friends to improve your overall ability to fight someone off. Also, note that these courses may even help you to feel more confident, allowing you to live your best life without fear.

Protect Yourself With Whistles and Personal Alarms

For those in high-risk areas on a frequent basis, having tools that help you get help can be lifesaving. It's a good idea to act quickly to fight or flee, but you also need help. A loud whistle can help you alert others in the area to help you while also encouraging the attacker to flee.

Another valuable investment could be a personal alarm. You can wear these or keep one in your pocket. Should someone attack you or try to take you from your location, not another, you can click the alarm. That alerts others who are monitoring that device that you need help. It may help you to get the police to you quicker.

Look into a few of these self-defense tools. Practice using them to ensure you're efficient enough to do so when something does occur.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of a Home Security System

Your home should be where you feel safe, but unfortunately, many assaults happen within the home itself. A home security system could help improve your ability to keep out unwanted visitors while also providing you with a way to get help immediately when you need it.

Home security systems may help in several ways. They can position sensors or video cameras around your home to deter people from trying to enter your space. They may also work to help you to learn when someone has opened a door or window to get in. That improves the amount of time you have to react.

The secondary component is home security monitoring. With these tools throughout your home, professional service is available to monitor what's occurring when an alarm sounds. That means they can get emergency services to your home faster. You can activate this type of monitoring help, or they can automatically send help when a sensor indicates a need.

Combining these services allows you to create a safer home for yourself and your family. It may help you to deter people from coming into your home while giving you tools to get help fast if they do get in.

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