Free Safety Courses in Georgia

Free Safety Courses in Georgia

Knowing what to do to keep yourself and others safe can pay big dividends. Instincts and adrenaline can send you off course in a crisis. For example, you might want to run when you need to shelter in place. Or, you might not know what to do if someone gets hurt. Do you go for the extinguisher or the door if there's fire? That's why you need information, experience, and confidence to get you through safely and help others wisely.

Basic safety training can be helpful in your daily life:

  • On the job for construction or industrial work
  • For people of all ages, as lifeguards, childcare providers, teachers
  • As a secretary, server, or security guard
  • In supervisory and management roles
  • When athletic training, coaching, or teaching yoga
  • As parents and family members of children
  • Anytime you need it - you never know!

In this guide, we'll go over the free safety courses available to Georgia residents and homeowners.

Keep Your Atlanta Home Safe and Secure.

If your neighborhood isn't on this short list, don't worry or start planning your move just yet. Instead, read on to see what makes these places so safe, and plan to improve your home security by calling (800) 552-1111 or getting an instant security quote online today.

The critical advantage of safety courses is to benefit from others' experiences. Everyone goes through stressful situations where there's a need to respond quickly for safety. There are also many opportunities to take action and avoid danger. Courses range from skills training to expert safety advice for your home and family.

Safety courses are about more than gaining knowledge to use in a hypothetical situation. When you receive training, you gain experience and establish habits. For example, in fire safety training, you'll realize that simply approaching a small fire with an extinguisher isn't enough. You need to know what the parts of the fire are and where you should deliver the spray. You'll also learn to manage your natural reflex to avoid fire when your best choice is to approach and use the extinguisher carefully.


Self-defense helps you develop quick, intelligent choices and actions when threatened. Threats can arise suddenly and unexpectedly when you're in the wrong place at the wrong time or when someone wants your possessions. You need to know what to do if you're the victim of package theft and encounter the thief in the act. Or, what do you do if you're distracted by loading your car with groceries, and a car thief makes a move?

Many martial arts studios in Georgia offer self-defense classes with free first-class offers. Most universities offer free self-defense classes for students, faculty, and alums. Check out your alma mater's website for details. You can also keep an eye on free self-defense class events in Atlanta, GA, for other free classes for the Atlanta community.

These days, people are facing home intrusions even during the daytime, and self-defense skills can help you respond wisely. Our round-the-clock burglary monitoring can also help you to react quickly to danger, so you and your family are out of harm's way.

OSHA Training

Workplace safety practices and principles in OSHA training are essential for many jobs. They teach methods for staying alert to activities around you, lifting and carrying heavy items wisely, and other ways to stay safe while doing your job. Even when OSHA training is not required for your job, daily life presents many of the same situations, and with this type of training, you'll be prepared to avoid injury and risk.

When working around the house, you may not have trained responders present as in the workplace, so it's doubly important to know and follow safety practices presented in OSHA training. A misplaced ladder, a heavy load that slips, or chemicals in your eyes could lead to an emergency. That's one reason our medical emergency monitoring option can be helpful for people of all ages, including families.

Red Cross Fire Safety

Know what to do when there's smoke or fire and how to keep fires from happening. The American Red Cross teaches fire awareness to families, babysitters, and anyone who might need to protect themselves and others. You can learn from experienced professionals what the best steps to take are for any situation so you don't spend precious time on the wrong choice.

Fire doesn't always arise from cooking or other obvious sources. Sometimes it's a wisp of smoke from an electrical outlet or a faulty appliance. Our advanced products, including 24/7 fire monitoring and home security, can help identify fire risks so you get everyone out safely. Awareness and taking the proper steps when seconds count helps you and those you care for escape the dangers of fire.

Fire safety training helps you have a strategy when the unexpected happens and improves your odds by staying alert for trouble and signs of fire. Ackerman Security, Atlanta's most trusted name in home security since 1967, offers expert security advice and services, including home and business fire, gas, and carbon monoxide monitoring.

CPR Course

CPR skills can be used almost anywhere, and CPR training helps you provide help to others quickly and correctly when needed. Practice and knowledge are essential for CPR, so helping someone survive heart problems is something you know - by heart. If situations occur at home, our 24/7 hazard monitoring and the additional medical emergency feature can help you call for help quickly.

CPR and First Aid courses also open the door to many jobs working with people, especially in childcare and healthcare settings. These are even valuable courses for people serving as coaches, group leaders, non-profit organization helpers, and other community service roles on a volunteer basis.

If you're in the Atlanta area, you can take free CPR classes courtesy of Atlanta CPR. While you're free to participate in any CPR, BLS, or ACLS class at no charge, they will not be giving away the Certification for free. However, the CPR Training is the value, not the certificate.

General Safety

As many stories about unexpected mishaps and tragedies are on the news, there are also resources to help you learn how to avoid them. Good habits, situational awareness, and thinking clearly when you're under stress can help you respond. Our expert security advice enables you to prepare so trouble is less likely. For full-time coverage of security events at your home, our home security systems are professionally designed for your needs.

At Ackerman Security, we know that training and experience give homeowners the confidence to handle emergencies. We encourage you to explore further preparedness training, starting with free safety courses!

For more than 40 years, Ackerman Security, Atlanta's most trusted name in home security, has helped families be prepared for life's inevitable risks. Free Georgia Safety Courses help local residents stay aware, prepared, and confident in their judgment when situations arise.

Our trusted home security professionals are ready to help you live fully while being prepared for life's emergencies. Call today at 800.552.1111 to learn more.