3 Ways Home Security Cameras Can Keep Your Kids Safe

3 Ways Home Security Cameras Can Keep Your Kids Safe

If you are an Atlanta-area homeowner with a family, keeping your family safe is your number one priority. More than protecting your home and your valuables, you want a security system that can protect your family and your kids.

While a custom home security system can protect your family on its own, when paired with Total Connect security cameras, you get at least three extra benefits.

Home security cameras keep an eye on babysitters

If your have kids, you have no doubt used a babysitter while you were away from home. Leaving your kids with someone else can be a terrifying experience, especially for new parents and those using a new babysitter.

You need time for yourself, but when you are away you are left with nagging questions. Are the kids behaving? Is the babysitter actually watching them, or playing video games?

Home security cameras can be accessed on your smartphone or tablet so you can see exactly what is happening in real time. No more nagging questions. No more worry. Home security cameras let you enjoy your night away from home.

Home security cameras let you check in with your kids

Even if your children are old enough that you trust them at home alone, security cameras connected to your home's security system can give you added peace of mind.

For example, if your kids get home from school before you are home from work, you can set up an alert to send you a video notification when someone unlocks and enters your front door.

You can also use your home security cameras to check in on your kids from a mobile device to make sure they are doing their homework and chores. It's almost like being there without actually being there.

Home security cameras can be used to investigate security notifications

Have you ever received a notification from your security company that a sensor was tripped and felt panicked at the thought of someone breaking into your home? The feeling can be even worse if your kids are home an you are not.

If you have cameras installed and connected to your home security system, you can not only receive video notifications, but also check your home in real time from a web-enabled device. You will know immediately whether it is an emergency or just a false alarm.

Home security cameras as part of a whole-home security system take away the worry of leaving your kids at home or with a babysitter, giving you peace of mind.