Ackerman featured in REDFIN article for Home Security Experts

Ackerman featured in REDFIN article for Home Security Experts

On February 12th, Ackerman Security's answer was featured in an article titled Top Experts Answer the Most Urgent Home Security Questions. Along with several other industry professionals, Ackerman gave its answer to a specific question that was assigned.

The question for this veteran security company was: What is the Benefit of a Security System that Automatically Calls the Police Versus One that Does Not?

This is a pivotal time in the alarm security and monitoring industry because many customers are asking themselves the same question.

Self monitoring and the DIY system is a cheaper option and enticing to the buyer because there's more instant gratification with DIY systems. You can set up your system yourself but what isn't considered so many times is the cost and frustration that comes when the equipment needs replacement or repair. Here are things to consider when weighing Traditional versus DIY systems.

  • Techs Needed- Unless you're a professional technician, even great equipment will need maintenance and you'll have to pay for a skilled professional to come out. The cost of subcontractors can be double the cost of a verified alarm technician of a traditional company.

  • System Malfunctions- Once again, unless you're a contractor, many would not know that equipment was malfunctioning. Subtle notices on your keypad and mobile device can be overlooked even though they can mean something very important like, your system is not communicating. With Ackerman, several panel types have automatic testing every 30 days. When the signal doesn't come back fast enough, you receive a call. If the system does not work the way it should due to a technical error the customer is unaware of, it may not alert DIY alarm customers so they can dispatch the necessary authorities.

  • Missed Alarms- Many people aren't by their phones 24 hours a day. Have you ever gotten a call, text or notification on your phone but been unable to answer immediately? If so, you may miss or be too late responding to an important alarm notification which can lead to significant loss of property or worse with the self-monitor set up.

  • CO Detection- You can't smell deadly gas! Carbon Monoxide can cause unconsciousness and can even be fatal when inhaled over long periods of time, but it has no smell. It's rumored that dogs can smell certain harmful gases like CO, but we don't recommend you take that chance. So in a case where you or a loved one are unconscious, how would you notify the authorities with a self-monitored system?

In the end consumers can try to compare apples to apples with traditional and other security companies, but the truth is the coverage is different, the protection is different and therefore, the price will certainly be different.

You can read REDFIN's full article HERE.