UPDATED: 8/1/19 9:00 AM
Krystal Latouche, Customer Loyalty Manager

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We have been getting calls from your neighbors explaining unlicensed solicitors from out of the area are knocking on doors posing as marketing or advertising agents. Ackerman has also monitored burglaries that have occurred from people acting as door-to-door representatives. View news coverage HERE.

Our job as your preferred security provider is to help protect you in all areas. DO NOT LET THEM IN! There is a good chance your door will be knocked on at some points.

Here are some RED FLAGS to look out for after a knock on your door or a ring on your doorbell.

1. To sell alarms door-to-door, you must have congruent state and city licenses, a solicitor's permit and a company license. Company ID badges are easily made and falsified. Furthermore, your city requires a person to go down to city hall, pass a background check and pay the fee to grant them a SOLICITOR'S PERMIT before they are allowed to speak to anyone. If the representative at your door does not have a solicitor's permit and a picture ID that match, DO NOT let them in. Close your door, arm your system and inform your local police department that there is illegal activity in your neighborhood. If you let hem in, you may be subject to scams or worse.

2. Did they say "I am just here to check on the equipment or panel" or "I am here to do a service check"? Some questionable solicitors claim that Ackerman Security is closing. Please remember, Ackerman is not out of business. The Prodigy Smart Home team is the only direct to home division. Ackerman is alive and well and will continue to monitor your family's safety for decades to come. The best defense is a Doorbell Camera!! Call us and mention this warning letter for a FREE upgrade consultation!! We would like to help your family stay safe, without ever having to open your home to strangers. With today's technology, adding cameras is not as expensive as you would think.

WE AGREE WITH YOU; it is better to be safe than sorry. If you are interested in upgrading, updating or adding on to your security system, just give us a ring at 800-552-1111. We would love to enhance the protection of your greatest asset, your family.