Motion Detector Installation in Atlanta, GA

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Enhance Your Home Security
with Custom Motion Detectors from Ackerman Security

Motion sensors detect movement within your home. These devices can alert you to potential intruders and keep your family and property safe. At Ackerman Security, we believe Atlanta, GA area homeowners deserve custom options and layers of security to provide comfort and peace of mind. We offer a range of motion detectors that integrate into a full suite of high-quality cameras, sensors, detectors, panic buttons, and other home security components.

When you hire Ackerman Security to consult on your family's safety, we provide easy-to-understand solutions and peace of mind. Our motion detectors and other security devices are installed with the greatest craftsmanship and monitored 24/7 by our 5-diamond certified monitoring services. Learn more about how motion detectors can add a layer of security to your Atlanta, GA home, and then call Ackerman Security today.

How Do Motion Detectors Work?

Motion detectors are designed to sense movement within an area. When an object moves within the field of view, the sensor is activated. Our security professionals design the most strategic locations to add another level of security to your home. Combined with other detectors, video surveillance, door and window sensors, motion detectors are capable of monitoring a wide area where intruders may enter.

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New to Home Security?

Ackerman has you covered!

Custom Installation of Motion Detectors

Ackerman Security offers a range of high-quality motion detectors. The exact motion detector, mounting location, and calibration will be customized for your home. During a free consultation with our experts, some key considerations include:

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Pet Friendly

For families with furry friends, motion detectors can be calibrated to accommodate their movements. Adjusting the sensitivity of the motion detector ensures your pets are free to move throughout your home without sacrificing security or causing false alarms.

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Broad Coverage

Ackerman Security designs home security that fits seamlessly into the design of your home. Wide areas can be monitored by one or two motion detectors mounted discreetly so they aren't obvious to potential intruders.

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Custom Alerts

With our high-quality monitoring, Ackerman Security can respond at the first sign of trouble. You can also access texts, notifications, and emails as soon as your motion detector senses movement.

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Motion detectors are extremely helpful devices for automation inside and outside of your home. Lights and cameras can be activated automatically when movement is sensed. With Ackerman Security, you have more control over your home than ever before.

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Wireless Options

The latest technology includes wireless motion detectors that are able to mount easily and effectively within your home.

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Extended Life

With long-life batteries, motion detectors from Ackerman Security provide reliable and hassle-free protection for years.

Why Choose Ackerman
for Motion Detector Installation?

At Ackerman Security, we're committed to providing the best possible home security solutions for our customers. Our motion detectors are part of a comprehensive system to guard your home and keep your family safe. With top-quality wireless technology and customizable settings, there is always an installation option to suit your needs.

The key to the best security system happens after installation. Ackerman Security provides the finest 24/7 live protection. We maintain the highest level of customer service from our state-of-the-art monitoring center. Our 5 Diamond monitoring services feature local operators who are highly trained. With decades of experience protecting Atlanta families and properties, Ackerman Security knows every second counts.

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Contact Ackerman Security Today To Add Motion Sensors Around Your Atlanta, GA Home

Peace of mind is as easy as contacting Ackerman Security. Our committed staff quickly responds to your needs whether you have an immediate security concern or simply need to improve the protection of your family. Contact Ackerman Security to schedule a free in-home consultation to help you understand all of your options and design the best system for your home. With Ackerman Security, you can rest easy knowing that your home and family are protected.