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Revolutionize Your Home Security with a Smart Door Dock

Home automation is an increasingly popular choice for modern homeowners across the Atlanta area. As each new resident embraces smart home security technology, such as smart door locks, they're taking a new step toward greater convenience and protection for their household.

Smart door locks are a simple concept that can impact your mental and physical in big ways. With easy installation, these devices are guaranteed to result in increased peace of mind and better home security as they allow you to lock your doors from anywhere in the world with one click of a button on your smartphone or tablet.

At Ackerman Security, we specialize in smart door lock installation coupled with decades of home security system expertise and exceptional customer service. For more than 50 years, we've stayed ahead of the curve on industry trends to bring Atlanta residents high-quality home security products and unmatched monitoring services.

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What is a Smart Door Lock?

A smart door lock from Ackerman Security is one of the most versatile home automation products on the market. Not unlike a traditional lock, a smart door lock helps provide access to your home, while also keeping it secure from unwanted guests. However, it goes far beyond this basic capability with cutting-edge technology designed to enhance the user experience.

Smart door locks can be controlled from any compatible device, a smartphone, a tablet, or any other integrated smart system. Not only can you remotely lock and unlock your doors, but you can also use your smart application to see when the door has been unlocked in-person or virtually and keep track of any breaches in your home's security.

The highlight of our smart door locks is their convenience and flexibility. While they're accessible with digital keys, you can still rely on physical keys to gain entry as well. Additionally, this product can be integrated with your other home automation and home security systems to ensure a seamless and safe operation across all of your Ackerman products for maximum security.

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How Do Smart Door Locks Relate to Home Security?

Like most home automation systems, smart door locks play a vital role in your overall home security. Your home's exterior doors are one of the most vulnerable entry points for your home and a popular target for criminals.

When you choose Ackerman Security to install smart door locks on your exterior doors, you're directly improving the security of your home. Smart locks are much harder to pick than traditional locks, and many are equipped with keypad entry that locks potential intruders out after too many failed attempts at entering your unique code.

Additionally, smart door locks protect you from your own human error. Every person has experienced the moment when you're away from home and suddenly panic, "Did I remember to lock the door?" With a smart lock, you don't have to worry. You can simply open your smartphone or tablet, check the lock, and secure it if need be. Locking doors that you may have left unsecured while away from home can reduce the chances of an intruder gaining access to your home.

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