Ackerman's Partnership with ADT

Ackerman in the News

We’d like to share the exciting news that we’ve become partners with ADT, the #1 security company in the U.S.! This partnership will help us expand the resources and services we provide you in our continuing effort to always exceed your expectations.

Like Ackerman, ADT has been a leader in smart home security for years. They’re committed to delivering excellent customer service, as well as providing the best security solutions to help their customers protect what they value most. With ADT, you get:

  • The largest 24/7 monitoring network in the industry, with 9 U.S.-based, company-owned and operated monitoring centers
  • Signal Chat, for faster emergency response and fewer false alarms
  • On-the-go safety with the SoSecure mobile app
  • Protection for your online data and devices with ADT cybersecurity solutions
  • Senior health and independent living solutions with ADT Medical Alert systems

 Rest assured, there will be no change to the excellent day-to-day service you receive from Ackerman. However, in the future, you’ll begin to notice service enhancements occurring through ADT’s state-of-the-art technology platform.

 As always, our mission at Ackerman is to provide you with the highest level of customer satisfaction, and this commitment is only enhanced with the combined resources of ADT.

 We’ll be sending you more information about our partnership with ADT soon. In the meantime, please contact us at 888-999-3985 with any questions or concerns, and thank you again for trusting Ackerman with all your security needs.



Richard Perry

CEO, Ackerman Security



  • Is ADT buying Ackerman? No. ADT has acquired the commercial arm of Ackerman Security and is purchasing Ackerman accounts.
  • Is Ackerman going out of business? No. Since 1967 families and businesses have depended on Ackerman Security to provide REAL Security and protection of what matters most. This new strategic partnership with ADT makes Ackerman stronger and in a better position to deliver on our promise.
  • Is my contract still valid/ In force? Yes. All ASA’s and RSA’s remain valid and enforceable through this partnership.
  • Who is providing my monitoring? There are currently no changes to your monitoring and nothing that you’ll need to do. We will continue to provide the same reliable monitoring that you are used to.
  • Who is providing my billing? There are no changes to your billing. If you are on autopay, we’ll continue to draft your account as usual. If you mail in your invoice, please continue to mail it to the address on your invoice.
  • Who do I call for service or support? We are here for you if you need technical support, customer service, a move, or an upgrade.  How can I help, today?
  • Why is Ackerman partnering with ADT? ADT has been serving customers for over 140 years. They are a technology leader with the experience and capacity to protect our customers and support our future growth as an Authorized Dealer.
  • Will my rates go up? Your rate(s) will remain the same as they are with Ackerman. You will have additional product and service options as we work toward integration. You will receive more information in the coming months.
  • I was with ADT in the past and cancelled to go with you. I don’t want to go back to ADT. We can assure you that we have and will continue to work closely with ADT to make the transition as smooth as possible for you. We were thorough in our search for a program to align with and ADT has proven to be the best there is. We are here to support your needs and are confident that ADT will as well.

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