7 Signs It's Time To Upgrade Your Home Security

7 Signs It's Time To Upgrade Your Home Security

If your security system is more than 15 years old, it's time to upgrade.

These days, more and more homeowners appreciate the need for home security. But if you've had a security system for a while, you're not off the hook! It's important to periodically update your home security system to ensure outdated equipment and substandard technology don't make your home vulnerable to intruders.

Some signs it's time to upgrade your home security include:

  • Your security system is 10-15 years old (or older!)
  • Your security system is wired
  • Your doors are locked with physical keys
  • You don't have remote access to your security system
  • You use an on-site alarm
  • Your security system uses low-resolution cameras
  • You recently renovated your home

If your security system checks one or more of these warning signs, it may be time for an upgrade. To help you create the safest home possible, let's review each sign below.

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Your Security System is 10-15 Years Old

Think about what cell phone you used 15 years ago (if you even had one!). Technology changes fast, so if you're still using an old security system, it's time for a change.

Today's security systems use heat and motion detecting technology and alarms that automatically alert the authorities in case of a break-in, among other features. Older security systems, on the other hand, might not even connect to the internet.

Your Security System is Wired

Before wireless technology became commonplace, many security systems transmitted data via wires. While wired cameras do have some benefits, most homeowners should update their security systems to wireless cameras since they're less vulnerable to manipulation.

The problem with wired security systems is that they only work when the wires are connected. If an intruder is able to identify your security system's wires and cut them, then your home will have no source of protection.

Your Doors Are Locked With Physical Keys

Increase your home's security with remote-access smart door locks.

Many homeowners still lock their doors with a physical key, but if you're looking to amp up your security, consider investing "smart" doorlocks with keyless entry.

Physical keys are problematic for a few reasons. To start, they can easily be copied or lost. Doors locked with keys don't automatically lock, so you need to remember to lock your door each time you leave home. Finally, door locks that use keys can be picked and opened by skilled intruders.

Smart locks are a safer option for modern homeowners since they rely on a code to be opened. Guessing the correct code is essentially impossible if you choose a random set of numbers. When paired with a video doorbell or other smart monitoring device, you'll ensure your entryway is impenetrable to intruders.

You Don't Have Remote Access to Your Security System

Today's security systems allow you to check on your home remotely through an app on your phone. If your security system doesn't allow remote access, you're missing out on an important feature that can keep your home safe and prevent false alarms.

Remote access keeps your home safer because it allows you to remotely monitor your home in real time. If you have pets, deliveries, or service workers visiting your home while you're away, it can also prevent accidental trips of your security system, since you can turn your system off or manage alerts remotely.

You Use an On-Site Alarm

In older security systems, the only line of defense against an intruder was a loud alarm. Today's systems automatically notify the police, making them much safer and more effective at catching intruders.

Instead of relying on your neighbors to call the police when a break-in occurs, new security systems give you peace of mind that the police are on their way, even if you're not home. At Ackerman Security, we guarantee a response to your alarm within 45 seconds of receiving the alarm signal—because every second counts in an emergency.

Your Security System Uses Low-Resolution Cameras

Your security system should not only deter intruders, it should help catch them if they break in. New security systems use high-resolution cameras, making them better at identifying intruders.

Studies indicate 51% of burglarized homes will be burglarized a second time within 6 weeks. Catching the intruder before they have a chance to strike again will help prevent further loss.

You Recently Renovated Your Home

If you've made recent renovations, you probably have new doors or windows your old security system can't monitor. These new entry points can be taken advantage of by burglars, so it's important to update your security system once your renovations are complete.

In some cases, you may be able to purchase new cameras or sensors to add to your current security system instead of replacing it entirely.

At Ackerman Security, We Guarantee Your Home's Security.

We put our No-Theft Guarantee in writing because we stand behind our promise: If you're burglarized while our system is armed, we'll pay your insurance deductible and the same amount your insurance pays you—in cash!

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